Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tommy Dreamer Needs To Quit

Tommy Dreamer needs to quit. Last time I saw him wrestle he was clutching his ankle and yelling to the ref that he was really injured.

In the analysis of last nights ECW on Sci-Fi, Tommy got himself into a major scuffle with a horrible Johnny Nitro and showcased that the innovator of violence, is no longer innovating anything more than his preparations to get into a wheel chair. He's just taking punishment at this point.

Oh and why is Nitro even champion? I haven't heard the guy say more than two or three words on the mic, and yet they give him a title!

C.M Punk at least has enough English inside his head to formulate a convincing sentence.

Tommy Dreamer is old, not as old as Flair, but Dreamer is just getting beat for no particular reason. Give him a road agent job and call it a day.

ECW last night was lame.

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