Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Smart Wrestling Fan’s Wrestlemania Coverage Proves To Be The Worst

I’m not the greatest writer. I’m not a podcaster. I am however a fan of wrestling, and listen to a lot of podcasts. One of the long running podcasts that I have been listening to from time to time was Smart Wrestling Fan. Now, I liked when it was hosted by Joe and Wiggly, that’s how long I’ve been listening. But things started to shift. There are several reasons why I stopped listening in the past, and I’ll cite two major reasons.

The Nexus Angle That Blew Up

Remember the Summerslam match that pitted John Cena’s team versus The Nexus. Well, it was in that match that featured a lot of great moments. I reviewed Summerslam 2010 here. I bring this up because that’s one of the main shows that I recall being great, until the end. The ending had me absolutely mad. Looking back at the review, you can see my review which was written out live as the show went on. Well, it really got interesting when the main event brought out Daniel Bryan, after being fired for choking out Justin Roberts.

Why bring this up? Well, because I hated the ending. I wrote into Smart Wrestling Fan, and voiced my opinion to hear what the hosts had to say about it. If you don’t remember the match, here’s the finish. John Cena gets a DDT on the floor, he’s out cold. Then Justin Gabriel hits the 450 splash, and that should finish Cena, right? Nope. He pops up eliminates both Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel and wins the entire match, burying The Nexus. The Nexus never recovered.

Smart Wrestling Fan’s hosts buried my opinion and said I was dumb. They sided with John Cena and the booking of that angle. Fine. Fine. Ok, I’ll take it. I’ll stop listening.

The Second Strike

Recently, I started listening again, but it wasn’t until the Wrestlemania 32 coverage that I finally threw in the towel. The have a couple of new hosts since I stopped listening long ago. I was in for a long podcast, 4 hours, and it took a lot of gym time to get through it. What I hated about it was simple, Joe Negron’s stupidity. One minute he says something is great, then the next he says the same thing is stupid. He even mentioned how stupid certain fans are, for cheering what they want. Then lambastes JBL for doing the same thing in front of RAW! This guy flip flops more than Donald Trump.

There’s a dichotomy at play here, one that I gritted my teeth at. Then he made a comment about the Fort Minor song that opened up Wrestlemania. He makes a sly comment about how the song adds up to more than 100% and that it’s a stupid song. Well, well, Mr. Negron, you lose another listener. If Adsense allowed me to do so, I’d just say “F” the guy and quit. If you happen to listen to the episode in question, get ready to hear a grown ass man whine and complain, and basically hate the chore of watching wrestling and getting paid to do so.

So what? Why even comment? Because this begins my start of reviewing wrestling podcasts. I listen to a lot of them, sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad. I wanted to start with saying that Smart Wrestling Fan is absolutely terrible, and the host’s whining and constant lamentations about wrestling is not worth your time. Mr. Mutant Larry, now that’s a cool guy, though. I’d listen to a podcast of just that dude talking, but not with Joe Negron constantly interrupting, sighing, and hating wrestling.

I hate how people ask for money, then give you a show that they obviously don’t want to do any more. Heck, I got so sock of wrestling that I didn’t want to write anymore. So I stopped. Now I’m back, because I got tired of all these hacks talking out of their asses.

As I look to review episodes of podcasts about Wrestling, I'll start by saying that Smart Wrestling Fan is the WORST podcast on wrestling. 

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