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WCW Superbrawl 1997 Results and Review A Better VHS Experience

This show starts with Roddy Piper running away from Alcatraz, like a crazy person. He runs out of jail, and onto a boat, and that’s how we start Superbrawl VII. This show was live from the Cow Palace in San Francisco with 13,000 plus fans live in 1999. Once again, it’s best to get the VHS version to see the unedited event, but of course it’s on the WWE network. Here goes my review and the results of WCW Superbrawl VII from 1997.

Where were you in 1997? I was living in West Los Angeles, learning to skateboard, and trying to just be a normal kid. Meanwhile, WWF was pushing Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and others. The Attitude era, I think was in full effect, or at least it was coming. But the WCW product is definitely worth noting.

WCW Superbrawl 1997 Results and Review

Syxx defeated Dean Malenko

This was a really good match, and for all the crap X-Pac gets, he could really go. Here he showcased great work with Dean Malenko. The match, however, involved Eddy Guerrero getting involved, causing Malenko to win the match.

Konnan, La Parka and Villano IV defeated Juventud Guerrera, Super Calo, and Ciclope

In under 12 minutes, the lucha libre stars shined. Wow, what a match. If you haven’t seen this one, check it out. Look for the graceful flight of La Parka, who is absolutely brilliant for being such a big guy. It gives us bigger guys hope, I guess. Overall, lots of action, and a good amount of time to showcase the raw talent of these guys.

Prince Iuakea defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. (WCW Television Championship)

Stephen Regal interfered at the end, but before that, Prince Iuakea and Rey put on a decent match. It was cut short, but the guys put in some great offense, and reversals. Mysterio didn’t get the pop I expected, but really shined in this match up.

DDP defeated Buff Bagwell via disqualification

Buff didn’t do much for this match to be watchable. In under 10 minutes, this was a dud, and even DDP can’t save it.

Eddy Guerrero defeated Chris Jericho (WCW United States Championship)

This was a great match, with Jericho really showing off what he learned in Mexico. Eddy (not Eddie, as you may know), looked smaller than you’d expect, and thereby being faster. He was fast and matched up great with Jericho. Jericho put on a showcase here, and the two work so well together, making this an instant classic. (just saying, they kept it as Eddy in this one, but they changed it later)

The Public Enemy defeated Harlem Heat and The Faces of Fear

This was a short triple threat match, and it ended somewhat abruptly. Public Enemy brought a table down, but that wasn’t used until later. This match was not half bad, but it wasn’t great either. It was a bit fast too, but hey, it had some good moments, including Public Enemy selling like HBK at times.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Mongo McMichael

This was a throwaway match in which we saw Debra turn on Mongo. Overall, an ok match, but nothing to really write home about.

Chris Benoit defeated The Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan in a San Francisco Death Match

This was epic. Jacquelyn was tied to Woman with a leather strap and the two were throwing haymakers at each other. They were straight up shooting, and also were getting in the way of Benoit and Sullivan. The finish of this one, holy crap. Jacquelyn and Sullivan are on top of a table and Chris Benoit dives off the top rope onto both of them, erupting the crowd into an insane cheering roar. This alone was well worth it! Although, afterwards, everyone involved was taking out in ambulances. Not sure if that was kayfabe or not, but this match was one hell of a match up.

Lex Luger and The Giant defeated The Outsiders (WCW World Tag Team Championship)

The Giant battled the Outsiders alone for the most of this match, but after a while out came Luger with a broken arm, and a cast. He would eventually get in and torture rack Kevin Nash for the win. Not a bad match, but not a great one either.

Hollywood Hogan defeated Roddy Piper

This introduced Macho Man as part of the NWO. Not a great match, in fact, not even that fun to watch. Piper was still a bit ripped at this point, and Hogan, well he played the cowardly heel. After much interference, and a false finish, Piper gets beat down and several elbow drops, and leg drops. That’s the end of this PPV, and well, it wasn’t grand.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

The best match of this one was the San Francisco Death Match. The women threw some hay makers at each other, and Benoit versus Sullivan always delivers. This was insane, with an even more insane ending. The last bump, holy crap, you have to see it to believe it. Other than that, a good under card, but nothing too spectacular in the main event spot. There's a lot of nice spots overall, and this is a good effort, but not marvelous.

You can pick up the unedited VHS edition of WCW Superbrawl VII here. It features the original music, and commentary, unedited! 

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