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WWE Monday Night Raw 4/18/2016 Results and Review The Bullet Club Destroys Reigns

Here we go again, Raw live from London, and again we have a Raw that features a mixed bag. This time yet again, Shane McMahon is in charge, making that Hell in A Cell match from Wrestlemania, pointless. Whatever the case is, this is a review of the HULU edition of WWE Monday Night Raw from 4/18/2016, and here are my thoughts, and what not. Images sourced from wwe.com

WWE Monday Night Raw Review

The Ambrose Asylum opened the show, and Shane McMahon came out…sigh. Kevin Owens came out and talked Sami Zayn. Zayn came out and the two verbally sparred. Then Jericho came out, and everyone was crashing the Ambrose Asylum! This ended in a brawl, and Shane setting up a couple of matches for Payback.

People on the internet already say that the show is predictable. Oh well. This was a nice opening, but I’m tired of talking for openings on Monday Night Raw. I’d prefer things to be a bit different, perhaps even wrestling related, instead of the South Park style talking B.S. openings.

Chris Jericho defeated Sami Zayn

I smell a burial! This match was competitive for sure, but I can’t help but thinking that Zayn losing clean to Jericho is just showing that the WWE doesn’t really want the smaller guys coming up getting one over on veterans. I don’t know. I like Jericho enough, but he seems to be killing the momentum of the up and comers.

The Bullet Club interrupted an Aj Styles interview, and they all seemed friendly.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass defeated The Dudley Boyz

Here we go, the newcomers actually win! They are going to the finals. The Dudley’s focused on Enzo most of the match, but it was Big Cass’s hot tag that really shifted things. Enzo got a beat down, but in the end, a second wind would help the team recover and get the victory, making for a good, fast paced match.

Roman Reigns came out, and there were massive Boos. Aj Styles came out and verbally sparred with Roman Reigns. It wasn’t half bad. The Bullet Club came out and decimated Reigns, which was great. Aj said he had nothing to do with it.

The Women's 8 Man Tag Match

This was a slow moving, boring match, in which the crowd was dead. This wasn’t great, it just was the same old formula you would get from the “divas” division. I was bored, you know you were bored, and well, this wasn’t their best effort. I don’t even want to list all the participants.

The Vaudevillains defeated The Usos

I believe I called this one. The Vaudevillains defeated the Usos in a somewhat short, and well, ok overall match up. This was a beat down. The finals will be an NXT type main event, so that’s interesting.

Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens

Not a bad match, don’t get me wrong. But the crowd didn’t seem into it, the match didn’t have a lot of psychology, and well, I was just not impressed with the same old same old from these two. Not only that, Ambrose wins to look strong against Jericho, at the expense of Kevin Owens? It seems like only the WWE talent that has been in their development system for a while gets the wins. This bored me, even when Jericho interfered after the match, I didn’t care anymore, same old BS show on Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results

Enzo Amore and Big Cass defeated The Dudley Boyz
Chris Jericho defeated Sami Zayn
The Divas 8 Man Tag Match
The Vaudevillains defeated The Usos
Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens

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