Monday, April 25, 2016

The Death of Chyna

Let’s not pretend that we were all big Chyna fans. We weren’t. There’s a lot of disingenuous fans out there mourning her death, that not two or three weeks earlier were making fun of her, and her downfall. Podcasts of all types have been singing her praises now, but when Triple H was asked about her going into the hall of fame on the Stone Cold Podcast, he and others said no, for what she did.

Now they love her?


No sir.

Chyna was in fact a beast in the ring. But behind the scenes, she was a woman, and a very sweet person. If you read her book, you would know that all she wanted was love and acceptance. Then Stephanie McMahon swooped in, stole her boyfriend, and ruined her life. She never recovered.

Chyna really died of a broken heart. It’s a human story that no one seems to talk about.

This is a sad death, and one that I wanted to at least make a note of. Chyna, was a human being, and a great performer. But sometimes, in this life, there are situations that are right under our noses, and well they break us. They broke her. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H’s social media response were stupid, filled with crocodile tears and saving face for what they did.

Oh well.

RIP Chyna, look, you were loved. Just listen to the masses, they love you, now that you’re gone. My apologies for not being able to convince people when you were alive. Mad respect, RIP, hope you and the rest of the dead wrestlers out there are having a ball.

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