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WCW Fall Brawl 2000 Results and Review A Better VHS Experience

I read online that this was the last great WCW pay per view, and therefore I had to watch it. The reason why I’m filling this site with more reviews, is simple, I love wrestling, and while the current product is grand, I want to go back and see the old stuff, and lots of things I missed while I was going through college and other things in my life.

With that in mind, here is WCW Fall Brawl 2000 Results and Review!

The show went on air on September 17, 2000 and was held at the HSBC Arena. The crowd here was 8,638 screaming WCW fans, which were definitely in decline at this point.

Elix Skipper defeated Kwee Wee (WCW Cruiserweight Championship)

This is an interesting match up, and at around 11 minutes, it was actually really good. Major Gunns, I met at an XPW show, and she was just as hot, albeit she was freezing when I met her. She’s hot here, and apparently a porn star, the scenes I saw her in weren’t that hot, but that’s just me. As for this match, Skipper was flopping around and Kwee Wee took some hard bumps off the apron. This was a good match, however, and I enjoyed it for what it was.

The Misfits In Action defeated 3 Count

3 Count is a breath of fresh air on these later WCW pay per views. The talent that these 3 guys have is insane. I can’t believe they didn’t get more of a shot in WWE when the company was purchased. The Misfits are familiar faces from the Wall to Chavo Guerrero, I kid you not. This was post Eddie leaving, mind you. Overall, a good match with lots of action, although nothing too grand. Wall going through a table was fun, but 3 Count should’ve won if you ask me.

The Harris Brothers defeated Kronik in a First Blood Chain Match

Not a stellar outing. However, the guys brawled, and eventually it was over. I don’t have a lot to say about this one, it was a throwaway match and felt that way. The guys bladed.

Lance Storm defeated General Rection (WCW US Championship)

This wasn’t a great match. This was a throw away match. Hugh Morris apparently changed his name, and well this match was not grand. It went around 6 minutes, and it was sloppy and boring. I did appreciate Lance Storm trying hard to get this going, but it was just awkward to say the least.

The Filthy Animals vs. The Natural Born Thrillers (NO CONTEST)

This was the infamous match in which Paul Orndorf got seriously injured. He was ripped, but with a little arm, since he had a stroke and his arm’s strength decayed. Either way, he goes for a piledriver, and shatters vertebrae straining, and goes completely numb. The match was called after 16 minutes, and it was sad to see someone get seriously hurt in a match.

Shane Douglass and Torrie Wilson defeated Billy Kidman and Madusa in a Scaffold Match

This was the best scaffold match I’ve ever seen. Torrie Wilson was scared, so she didn’t get involved as much. Madusa and Shane Douglas fought as well as Kidman. Madusa and Kidman took bumps off the scaffold onto rigged areas, so that they weren’t hurt. Not bad, but again, it’s a scaffold match.

Sting defeated The Great Muta and Vampiro in a triangle match

This was interesting, with the story being told that Sting helped Great Muta, even though they’ve been enemies since the 1990s. Vampiro got lost in the shuffle here. He had a championship belt, but wasn’t sure why or which one. This was an ok match, albeit only 5 minutes long, with a few spots to even mention. Overall, not a great one, even though Sting won. I guess that’s all I can say about that.

That 70’s Guy Mike Awesome defeated Jarrett in a Bunkhouse Brawl

Holy crap, what a match. 9 minutes of brutality, with Jarrett actually taking hardcore match bumps. Highlights included Jarrett getting through into a table wrapped in barbed wire, and I kid you not, holy crap, Gary Coleman interfered. Coleman got obliterated with a chair, and I do mean obliterated, but it was Awesome that picked up the win. This was a wild brawl. Jarrett actually put on a good display and the crowd went insane for Coleman and the guitar shot that looked incredible. He seriously got hit in a great visual.

Scott Steiner defeated Goldberg in a No DQ Match

I heard great things about this match, so I was interested in seeing what they did in this one. All I can say is that it was wild! Steiner and Goldberg were throwing every suplex out there, every powerslam, and at one point Steiner was caught off the top rope and drilled into the canvas. This was a fine match, Steiner’s best since the early 1990s, until Midajah and again, I kid you not Vince Russo appeared and hit Goldberg with bats and pipes! After knocking Goldberg out Steiner won with the Steiner Recliner, and that was that. This was a perhaps the best brawl, and wrestling combo match I’ve seen from Steiner ever, holy crap. Oh and the strength of Goldberg, geez, you’ll like this, unless you’re an idiot.

Booker T defeated Kevin Nash in a Steel Cage Match

This was not a grand match. Kevin Nash phoned it in, Booker did alright, but it was just a boring 9 minute main event, and just not good. It was rushed, and the fans were sent home happy.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

While there were some wild moments in this one, the longest match went to a no contest at 16 minutes long. Other than that, this was a disorganized pay per view. However, I will say that the Steiner versus Golberg match was perhaps the finest brawl I’ve seen in a long time. Watch it, and look out for Goldberg’s insane power as he really threw around Steiner. Steiner is no slouch either, but Goldberg was no selling a lot of offense. Russo and Midajah with baseball bats and pipes was cartoonish, but overall, this is a C grade pay per view as WCW was on their way out.

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