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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6/4/10 Results and Review

WWE Smackdown 6/4/10 Results

Jack Swagger defeated MVP
Kofi Kingston defeated Drew McIntyre
Kelly Kelly defeated Rosa
Rey Mysterio won a battle royal to get a spot at Fatal Fourway

WWE Smackdown 6/4/10 Review

First things first, Undertaker is out. News websites pointed to a broken orbital bone. Instead of wrestling with a freakish mask, like he did in the late 90’s, Undertaker will be taking time off. But instead of just telling us what happened, the WWE decided to salvage Kane’s career by not only remembering that he’s the Undertakers brother, but also that e found him dead…well undead. With the Undertaker in a coma, and the big red machine looking for revenge, it’s interesting to note that we might be getting the best feud of the year….but will we get a swerve? Did Kane really do it?

Wait, I know what happened.

RIKISHI did it!

“I Did it for the people…I Did it for the Rock”

- Rikishi

Smackdown started with Druids rolling a casket down and Kane cutting the promo of his life. While I still think Kane sucks, at least his vow of revenge should be interesting. Unless we get weeks and weeks of, “Is He dead or Alive?”

Jack Swagger defeated MVP

Maybe it’s because I don’t care, or maybe it’s because these two are not that interesting in ring, but this match sucked. I know that these two can wrestle, but the way WWE keeps booking weak champions is stupid. First of all, Jack Swagger first match? Secondly, against a minor opponent? This match had a few high spots, and it looked like MVP was very smart here, countering a lot of Swaggers offense. When MVP missed his kick, Swagger rolled him up and pinned him clean. It wasn’t half bad, but you know what? I just didn’t care. This match was given a good amount of time, so let’s give WWE some Kudos.

Post match, Hawkins and Archer beat up MVP. I liked this unprovoked beat down. But these two idiots have no charisma besides beating up a random dude. I know WWE can write something better, I’ve seen it in the past.

Backstage Kane was going to beat up CM Punk, and Punk was scared, and Kane finally looked menacing. It was about time, I’m just saying.

Kofi Kingston defeated Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is lame. He has failed to get over, and while he has dominated, he just doesn’t look menacing to me. He sucks. He has no build, and in person, he’s just a rectangle with no personality. Even though McIntyre was able to fight off Kofi’s offense, and even after Drew backhanded Matt hardy at ringside, the SOS got Kingston the win and hopefully the end of the Hardy feud…nevermind.

Post match, Matt Hardy ran in and hit a Twist of Fate! Then he ran off.

Kane yelled at Rey Mysterio backstage. Mysterio is to blame, but I still think Rikishi did it for the Rock.

Kelly Kelly defeated Rosa

The divas wrestled at this point. This match sucked. I hated this crap. It was a terrible match, and “sucked” the life of this match up. Rosa did most of the offense, and eventually Kelly hit the K2 Leg drop and won. The divas are a joke.

Rey Mysterio won a battle royal to get a spot at Fatal Fourway

Alright, this was your standard battle royal, and it might have been Kane that won, if I didn’t accidentally get fed spoilers. Rey Mysterio won this match up and it wasn’t half bad. You could count more than ½ of the roster in this battle royal. There was absolutely NO way that was Hawkins was winning, or Finlay! Come ON! This was like a jobber battle royal, just sayin.

For having such a large roster, once again WWE focused on only a few stars, if you can call them that. The second or third coming of Kane didn't do much for me, as it didn't really pay off in the end.

Overall this Smackdown was weak, face it, it was boring and just convoluted. They can't just say that the Undertaker has a broken orbital bone? Whatever.

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