Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ecw Ratings Higher Than Wrestling Society X

"Tuesday night’s edition of ECW on Sci Fi scored a 1.4 cable rating with a 2.2 share. This was the highest rated program of the day for Sci Fi"

ECW's rating is not exactly a great testament to the program. The program has been stinking up the screen, and I can not imagine a lot of fans enjoying the programming. I certainly have not seen a whole lot of promise with the program as of late.

The C.M Punk story line however does bring some solid interest, but I think he is limited to wrestling the style that WWE wants and not what he can really do out there.

So what is someone to do about this?


The rating is good though. It is doing better than Wrestling Society X and maybe it is the promise that McMahon will be on the program that is drawing such higher ratings.


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