Sunday, September 23, 2007

WWE Last Man Standing Galleries has some exclusive content that features information and pictures of the Last Man Standing history. I never liked the Last Man Standing match because it's FAKE! Wrestling is a work, and therefore the match is a work that has to have someone down for the 10 count, but that rarely happens in the traditional move sets.

The last time I saw a good Last Man Standing match, wasn't really that great. While the match entertained me a little, it was The Samoan Wrecking machine vs. John Cena and well...Cena was made to look like Superman as he won the match, but the match was forgettable.

I would rather get a three count or a buried alive match than to get some lame finishing move for a win.

We'll see what happens at the next PPV, but I'm not truly convinced that a last man standing match is worthwhile to get ppv buy rates, or even anyone watching raw or smackdown.

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