Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yang Making Waves

In a cruiserweight division that has seen high fliers grounded into a more mat stable wrestler. This past smackdown during the jimmy wang yang match we saw some risk taking that involved more than the WWE's traditional stance on lightweight wrestlers.

I was surprised to see that they would risk such high flying talent, even though they have been banning moves and telling their risk takers to settle down.

It's interesting to note that Yang hasn't been the star that he could've been and the WWE pushed Chavo instead. It's odd if you ask me.

Why not push more high flying moves? If Yang is getting over with this style offense, how much more can others get into the greater good of wrestling? It's a matter of talent and green lighting.

If the high fliers can get more chance to do moves of this nature, maybe the lucha guys can come over and create a new genre of American wrestling!

Or maybe I'm just hoping for too much.

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