Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WWE Fires Sandman

In what is the dumbest move I've seen in a while, the WWE have fired the Sandman! Of all people, why would they fire a beer guzzling wrestling. Heck the other Beer swallowing wrestler comes by drinks, and stuns people and gets great ovations!

This guy (The Sandman) has vastly improved his game, and I am wondering why the WWE thought it was necessary to come to terms with his contract. This seems dumb to me.

He was even taking to the top rope at times, and his matches with Carlito were not half bad!


Maybe Sandman asked for this. Maybe he's old and tired like King Booker. Or maybe WWE is just clearing the rosters to join Smackdown and Raw as one cohesive unit, once again unifying the championships, and having more variety on each show.

I hope it surely is the latter.

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