Sunday, September 23, 2007

WWE Thinks I'm Stupid

Like a Soap Opera the WWE has once again shoved a middle finger in front of the tv screen and told me that they think I'm stupid. First off I don't like how they have created this story line of sorts, but I also further do not like how they think the fans are stupid.

Do You really think Teddy Long is in a coma?

I don't.

I don't think he's in a coma, I don't think he's a valuable part of the Smackdown Show, and I don't want to even consider what stupidity they are going to run through skits.

Is Stone Cold coming back? Is he going to hit Teddy Long with a bedpan?

If Stone Cold came back and just stunned everyone and made matches, I'd watch for sure. But as it stands, Smackdown is really not doing so well in my view. Then again, there are a few bright spots.

But that's not to say that this angle is good. Teddy Long has never been my favorite, and this storyline of his collapse just makes me mad.

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