Thursday, March 1, 2007

Konnan Still Needs a Kidney

Konnan, international superstar, still needs a Kidney.

Konnan was the #1 box office draw in Mexico's Lucha Libre circuit. He also wreslted in WCW, and was a member of the NWO and even had his own stable at one point with Rey Mysterio Jr. and now what? Did he blow all his money? Did he squander his friendships?

I heard that some fans actually want to donate their kidney's to this guy. This is ridiculous. If you're working for TNA wake up! The company doesn't have the money to pay for a top star to get medical attention, then they should just stop trying to produce such a lousy project. What company, banks on the talents of their employees and doesn't offer some sort of medical help? Even my piece of crap video store job offers me some help with medical bills.

Ok, so instead of being harder on the guy, I'm going to just say that this is a dissapointing endeavor. I feel bad for the guy, because when he was in Los ANgeles, he did his best to perform in front of a mexican audience and myself in the front.

I'm rambling because it bugs me that this guy doesn't have a new kidney yet. Maybe I should see if I'm compatable.

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