Sunday, September 23, 2007

WWE 24/7 Not So Good This Month

The last month or so the WWE has been doing an international thing on wwe 24/7 and even the old cards aren't good enough for me to take notice. I pay an extra eight dollars, which isn't much, for wwe 24/7 and it's kind of cool sometimes. So far the best one was EXTREME month where they had a lot of ECW content, but unfortunately for me this month, there hasn't been a whole lot of good content on WWE 24/7 which is unfortunate for those that pay for the service.

One thing I noticed is that there's been a decline in WCW and ECW content. The WWE owns a HUGE library of tapes and it seems that they aren't letting a lot of it out. So guys like me have to rely on VHS tape and many black market methods to watch those classic moments.

I'm hoping for better days, but so far this month, I haven't seen anything worth watching on WWE 24/7

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