Sunday, September 23, 2007

XPW Psichosis vs. Super Crazy

XPW was cursed from the very beginning. What was meant to be the #3 or #4 wrestling promotion in the U.S, they ended up folding their doors fast. But not without trying to get into the shadow of ECW many times. It was basically a rip off in many ways.

This match was from the Viking Hall move. XPW at one point went to the Viking Hall to set up shows as Shane Douglas came into the promotion to try and add more credibility.

It was boring.

This match shows how some great performers may have been hindered by crappy ring set ups, and the realization that maybe things weren't going to end well had these guys slacking off.

Of course, both guys ended up being in the WWE for a while, so manybe they weren't that bad at all.

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