Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monty Brown Aka Cor Von AKA Who?

The ECW roster just got a little slimmer. The worst thing that could happen did happen.

ECW is now a roster of 12 superstars at max. Superstars?

I mean mid carders.

Well, C.M. Punk is proving to be more, and the rest? Just misfits...NOT mizfits...

ECW is going to have to throw something more than the usual, or else I'm going to complain more! That's right, I like to complain, and I haven't come up with any WWE characters.

So I regress, while Monty Brown being fired doesn't catch me by surprise, I still was somewhat interested in the conditions of his firing. I thought he had some major potential, especially the way wrestlers were selling THE POUNCE!

That move is somewhat cool, and I enjoyed it in TNA and was looking forward to seeing C.M. Punk bounce out of the ring after receiving the POUNCE!

Too bad though.

Monty...Cor Von or whatever his name now FIRED. Adios!

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