Friday, February 8, 2008

CW Drops WWE Smackdown

This is the last year that CW will be airing Friday Night Smackdown. First UPN, then CW, now who will get Smackdown?

Fox doesn't want to have wrestling, nbc tried Saturday Night's Main Event, and now what?


Will Smackdown go to cable?

I'm not sure where the WWE is going to find a good free network to go to, but I'm sure any network would enjoy the boost in ratings.

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1 comment:

  1. I'm not sure where it will end up, but in my opinion, they should move it to Bravo. Sci-Fi channel won't show it because they hate having ECW on there as it is (they will end ECW or move it elsewhere after its current contract expires), USA from what I hear doesn't want another wrestling program on its network, and I dont think USA will allow Vince to show WWE programming on a rival network. I think since Bravo is owned by USA, they will show it on there. Other possibilities are MyNetwork TV, which is a horrible, horrible idea, and Telemundo, which might not be bad, but I doubt Vince will allow his "B" show to only be shown on a Spanish network.

    The best solution: Kill ECW, end the brand extension, and show Raw and Smackdown on USA network.

    Oh, and move Smackdown back to Thursday nights, even though it would compete against TNA, which unfortunatly isnt a threat to Smackdown quite yet.

    BTW, check out my blog and chime in on any thoughts. Oh and Happy Birthday, we share the same day.



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