Monday, February 11, 2008

The Old Men Show

I used to complain a lot about how WCW was featuring a lot of older talent. Well WWE might be pushing the same thing with the latest from Smackdown.

At least consider this:

The image above showcases three major super stars of the WWE. Fit Finlay (age 49) The Undertaker (age 43) and Batista (age 39) all of which are pushing either 40 or even 50! These guys are definitely not in their prime age of life.

Any other sport would have benched these guys, but they continue to push older talent and why not?

These guys are worth watching. I will watch them until they retire, however I am still concerned that WWE is not pushing anyone younger in the main event scene. If they are, it's in limited capacities....Edge (age 34) Rey Mysterio (age 33) C.M. Punk (age 30) are the younger talent that is promising.

But do they out number the older talent?

Not really.

Punk is more of a glorified jobber until I can see further development. Mysterio and Edge have traded blows and are the future, but Mysterio's knees are horrible so he might see early shelf, and Edge? Well Edge might be the only viable character that might see a long winded career...or maybe the bumps he took in the Ladder Matches will take their toll, sidelining him earlier than he wants.

I'm not sure. My thoughts are a little convoluted in this regard, but it's an interesting thing to note next time You watch WWE old are these wrestlers?

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