Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WWE News & Notes 2/26/08

First things first, WWE has signed a deal with MY NETWORK TV to air Smackdown.

This is horrible.


Because if you have regular television, not cable, you won't see Smackdown anymore. I know a lot of families down in Los Angeles that will no longer be watching Smackdown thanks to this brilliant move by WWE.

That basically kills off a lot of the Latino's that watch it on the CW or UPN or whatever it's called.

Thanks WWE...Thanks for nothing.

In other news...you know that boxer that is going to wrestle Big Show?

He's getting 20 Million Dollars...according to many sources one of which is Oscar De La Hoya...who recently was glad to see his next opponent getting a lot of media attention in light of the Wrestlemania Showdown.

Speaking of 20 million dollars, did you hear the rumors that claim the Rock is going to show up for the Hall of Fame ceremony, and the more far fetched notion that he'll be at Wrestlemania in person!

I'm not going to say he's going to for sure be there, but he's not exactly one to show up live...maybe on the titan tron...maybe.

More wwe releases happened...just not to guys we care about.

Val Venis is still on the roster? What the heck?

Hbk is going to end Flair's career? Weak.

Raw was lame last night, I can't believe how weak of a wrestlemania it's going to be...my wife wants to throw an old school ppv party at my house...downside...i don't have any friends in my area...but the party is on...so I might get Wrestlemania despite my gripes.

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1 comment:

  1. That whole book with Big Show and what'shisname is just lame, and they're forking out $20 million to do it? Retarded.

    They could split that money among a whole bunch of people who can actually wrestle and actually have a PPV worth watching, let alone paying for.



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