Thursday, February 7, 2008

WWE Kills OVW and Releases Stars

WWE needs new stars. But how can they get new stars in there if they keep firing guys? Not only that, it was announced earlier today that they are severing ties with their developmental territory: OVW.

What is next for the up and comers in the wwe?

Is there any up and comers?

I'm not sure what WWE is planning, but it better be good because I'm getting tired of seeing repetition on Raw and older guys like HBK complaining about how they are not headlining Wrestlemania.

Flip the channel to TNA and what do you see over there? WWE rejects, parodies, and horrible booking.

Where is the good wrestling that I grew up on? At least ECW and Smackdown have a glimmer of hope, if only the fans and the higher ups can get behind it.

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