Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ECW Finally Gets Extreme

What I thought would be nothing more than a horrible idea from the ECW camp, turned out to be something worthwhile and worth watching! Last night on ECW they announced a "Gulf of Mexico" match for the main event, and if C.M. Punk defeated Chavo Guerrero, then he would get a title match at NO WAY OUT.

What prevailed was a falls count anywhere style match in which you have to throw your opponent into the gulf of Mexico.

It started out in the arena and I wasn't buying the story, until they took it up a notch, went outside and started getting extreme. Hip toss onto a car, a cooler to the face, and then the gts and into the moat!

Awesome! ECW had me cheering and more excited than Raw this week. I like the way they are making this feud work, regardless of what many might think. Chavo has really been carrying his own in this one.

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