Friday, March 27, 2009

TNA Impact 3/26/09 Results and Review Crap Captains

The opening of the night was an in ring announcement by Jim Cornette, because they are going to have captains chosen for the big Lockdown ppv. This whole segment, was just a big melee. Angle and Jarrett are going to be in the lockdown tonight or something, and that’s all that happened.

Suicide defeated Kiyoshi

This match started out fast paced and carried through with a good interesting overall initial run. Suicide seemed to have Kiyoshi scouted, as he was able to turn moves into counters, but Kiyoshi kept bring out new stuff. It’s weird that the crowd was cheering Suicide, considering he is a relatively unknown wrestler. Kiyoshi was never meant to win this match, and it seemed painfully obvious towards the end of the match up. Suicide finished off Kiyoshi with the Suicide Solution and it was all over. Not the greatest match, but it was adequate enough.

There was a lot of backstage vignettes and random bs at this point. We’re talking about 40 minutes past the hour and we finally get another match up. This is a tough wrestling show to watch.

Velvet Sky & Angelina Love defeated Raisha Saeed & Awesome Kong

I’m not a big fan of the TNA commentating team. They never really focus on the match up at all. They seem to be talking about random crap, and storylines, rather than the match at hand. That’s not to say that this match was a technical classic, but it deserved more attention than the commentating team gave it. The reason why Awesome Kong and Saeed lost was because Awesome Kong didn’t really get into the match.

Post match, the beautiful people tried to cut Awesome Kong’s hair. It didn’t work, and that was that.

Samoa Joe pinned Kurt Angle to win a 20 man gauntlet cage match

The main event was a 20 man gauntlet match inside of a steel cage. This thing was lengthy and interesting to say the least. This is a weird match, and it reminds me of that bunkhouse stampede that NWA had in the mid 80’s. I’ll try to find that match for you guys to watch, but overall this match was like a royal rumble inside a steel cage. While it looks good on paper, it wasn’t really that entertaining to watch on television as it seemed that everyone was basically phoning it in, because of limited space. The final three guys were Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, and Jeff Jarrett. This is the most predicable thing that could happen! If the last two winners are team captains then when Scott Steiner was eliminated the match should’ve ended. Nope, it didn’t happen….Steiner never left the cage and fought Jeff Jarrett, causing Kurt Angle to roll him up for the pin! Kurt Angle pinned Jarrett and I thought it was over. However, out came Samoa Joe #20 and he dropped Angle on the back of his head, and boom, Samoa Joe is the winner and the second team captain!

I have to give TNA credit, they really gave the main event a lot of time to develop. The main event easily took up 75% of the last hour, and was interesting to watch at times. You knew that the x-division guys weren’t going to win, and you know a bunch of people weren’t going to win, but you stuck with it to see if Jarrett would pull this one off, and he almost did. Angle seems to have forgotten about Sting. Sting wasn’t even on this show wrestling…and why is Foley in the main event for a title shot? What a joke.

This edition of TNA may have been the best edition of Impact in a long time, but that is not saying much, is it? Yep.

TNA Impact 3/26/09 Results

Suicide defeated Kiyoshi
Velvet Sky & Angelina Love defeated Raisha Saeed & Awesome Kong
Samoa Joe pinned Kurt Angle to win a 20 man gauntlet cage match

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