Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/2/09 Results and Review

The show opened with an announcement that there will be a world title match tonight on Raw. Then the show moved right to Piper’s Pit! That’s right, Piper’s Pit opened up the show with your host…Chris Jericho! He brought out Superfly Jimmy Snuka! I marked out huge for seeing Snuka out there, as he is one of my childhood favorites, and I even liked him through Wrestlemania 8 and so on and so forth. The show melted down into a reenactment of the famous Snuka/Piper’s pit event, but Snuka outsmarted Chris Jericho for the moment. He celebrated to a lot of fan fair, but Jericho smashed the set onto Snuka and got the final laugh by beating him up.

Jericho has so much heat, there can’t possibly be more heat on the guy. He is the most hated wrestler in the wwe right now, and more so for beating up Jimmy Snuka. I’m not sure where this is going, but if it means Lawler vs Jericho at Wrestlemania, I’m going to be upset. Then again, Lawler needs one shot at Wrestlemania and maybe he can bring it…if only for a second.

Kane defeated Mike Knox, and Rey Mysterio Jr. in a Money in the Bank Qualifier

This match didn’t make sense to me. I understood that Rey couldn’t win, even though he had a major comeback midway into the match, but for Kane to win is dumb to me. He’s not a high flyer at all, and I find him boring in a ladder match. He’s not Undertaker, he’s not going to bump like Taker did for Jeff Hardy a few years back. Kane in the ladder match at Wrestlemania, is dumb to me. I’m sorry. This match was noting too crazy, it was ok at best.

Kelly Kelly & Mickie James defeated Jillian & Beth Phoenix

They don’t let these matches develop long enough This match was lame, and it didn’t take long to develop at all. It ended up with a surprise victory and was overshadowed completely by Maryse delivering a DDT to the floor on the outside. What a terrible piece of crap match. Why even have the divas in wwe? This is the worst division in professional wrestling, it makes me want to give up on wrestling. Sadly, the least Gay thing about professional wrestling is the wwe divas, and yet I can’t stand the way the matches go. I know I’m not alone thinking this.

Randy Orton was out in the ring with an entourage, saying he didn’t want to wrestle at Wrestlemania against Triple H. Triple H came out and gave a long speech about how Randy Orton is scared of him and he doesn’t want to wrestle him at mania cause he’s an idiot and that he’s young. This bored me greatly, I don’t care about Triple H antagonizing Orton, we need to see Orton chasing a little, otherwise why is he the heel? Of course Orton changes his mind and makes a mandate that Triple H can’t touch him, the standards. Lame.

Shawn Michaels defeated Vladimir Kozlov

Smart wrestling by HBk in this match, the chop block on Kozlov was classic. If you can isolate the leg on Kozlov, he can’t perform his moves and you can take advantage. However, this was short lived with Kozlov putting the boots to Shawn Michaels. This was quite the power match for Kozlov, HBK was singled out completely for his former back injury, creating an interesting psychology to the match up. I gotta admit, Kozlov has the best in ring psychology since Bret Hart. Yeah, I said it. The counter to the flying elbow was key, that was an excellent reversal, and the match was methodically getting worse for HBK, proving that Kozlov has got a little more than your average monster heel. HBK really worked a good match too, creating wonder that maybe there was more to the HBK tank than we give him credit for! Then they threw it all away…the wwe took a dump on the fans and everyone watching. Within a few seconds the match was over as HBK “hulked” up and hit sweet chin music, derailing the best Kozlov match up to this point. Screw you McMahon, what a terrible finish to what could’ve been a classic.

Post match, The Undertaker came out and looked creepy, big deal. Who cares?

Cowboy Bill Watts was announced into the WWE Hall of Fame.

John Cena defeated Edge via Disqualification

This match sucked. The ending sucked and I’m personally tired of this feud. We saw this already in 2007 right? Late 06 and 07 was Edge and Cena every week! I’m sick of this crap. The dq finish too, what a load of crap, Raw sucks, this match sucked, I’m so sick of this crap.

Maybe ECW can pick it up tomorrow, we’ll see.

Oh and Big show was named #1 contender to the world title...great.

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/2/09 Results

Kane defeated Mike Knox, and Rey Mysterio Jr. in a Money in the Bank Qualifier
Kelly Kelly & Mickie James defeated Jillian & Beth Phoenix
Shawn Michaels defeated Vladimir Kozlov
John Cena defeated Edge via Disqualification

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