Friday, March 6, 2009

TNA Impact 3/5/09 Results and Review Angle Suspended

TNA opens with a message from Jeff Jarrett. He states that Angle has been suspended without pay for beating up Foley and himself. Then we get into the night of wrestling…oh boy.

The show continued to having Sting out at ringside and getting a pep talk from Kevin Nash. It was boring. The same thing that was going on for a while now, nothing to even mention; TNA is doing it wrong, that’s for sure, another terrible opening from Tna, thanks.

Alex Shelley defeated Kiyoshi

The small guys throw together an ok match up. Kiyoshi is an interesting wrestler and has a definitive Great Muta vibe going. I still think Alex Shelley has the worst music in professional wrestling. I haven’t heard such lame music for a champion in a long time. The match seemed a half step too slow, and I wonder if Kiyoshi has a language barrier in this match up. He put up a great match but the champion seemed to know what to do, and how to react to Kiyoshi’s strong style of wrestling. Overall, this match was way too slow. I think that TNA needs to allow more time for these x-division match ups to develop.

Post match, Suicide came down to the ring and beat up The Motor City Machine Guns. This masked wrestler is the worst idea for TNA. Whomever is under the mask, sucks.

The Beautiful People defeated Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed and Sojourner Bolt & Rhaka Khan, and Roxxi & Taylor Wilde

The knockouts are ok. At least in this match, there’s just too much going on in this match. A lot of fast moves, a lot of quick tags, and not a whole lot of in ring action. This match was way too fast, and it finished quickly, with interference from Madison Rayne. I’m not sure why TNA doesn’t let their matches develop stories, they just go out there and have clusters of explosive action. It’s funny to me that they have Governor Palin in there, she’s dropping bombs with the Thrilla from Wasilla! It’s funny to me because my wife is from Alaska, and I’ve been to that city, it’s nothing crazy. Alright, the match was ok at best.

Samoa Joe brings out a knife and nearly cuts Scott Steiner with it. Also, Aj Styles stole the Legends Title, only to get arrested for it. Then Don West and Mike Tenay argued over some random crap, all of this and no wrestling action.

Matt Morgan defeated Shane Sewell

This match was a squashing of Shane Sewell. Matt Morgan sucks, and doesn’t really showcase a lot of charisma to me. Matt Morgan wins, easy, and that’s it.

Oh, the running gag on the show was that Double J gave Kurt Angle’s salary to the x-division guys. They all bought suits and looked sharp on Angle’s dime. So every other interview had Kurt Angle beating them up for it. It was lame, but it’s the running gag.

LAX defeated Beer Money via disqualification

Once again, the best part of TNA this week has to be these tag team title matches. Beer Money has some great chemistry together and reminds me a lot of the old Brain Busters team at times. LAX looked like they were on the way to another title reign,but Beer Money deliberately were disqualified so that they wouldn’t loose the belts! LAX wins, but doesn’t get the titles. Team 3-D runs down to help LAX and Beer Money make their exits.

At the start of Impact Double J clearly said he wasn’t a wrestler and that Sting would handle Kurt Angle. At the end of the show Double J and Kurt Angle were fighting each other. This was basically a street fight, and Double J was desperately trying to get over with the TNA impact crowd. He was basically fighting Kurt Angle tooth & nail. Jeff Jarrett threw Kurt Angle out of the building, with a little help from Team 3-D and Mick Foley, and the crowd went nuts for this ending of Impact.

You know what? Not bad Tna, you guys made something crappy turn out kind of cool at the end. Good job for once.

TNA Impact 3/5/09 Results

Alex Shelley defeated Kiyoshi
The Beautiful People defeated Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed and Sojourner Bolt & Rhaka Khan, and Roxxi & Taylor Wilde
Matt Morgan defeated Shane Sewell
LAX defeated Beer Money via disqualification

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