Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ECW on Sci Fi 3/24/09 Results and Review

This was another quick ECW….so here is my 2 cents.

Carlito defeated John Morrison in a Lumber Jack Match

This match didn’t start off as a lumber jack match, it started as a regular match and then turned into one when Morrison tried to leave the ring. The match was restarted and it was all Carlito, putting away Morrison finally with the Backstabber for the clean victory. Carlito has really been impressive, he’s coasting in the ring right now, which is a far cry from his depressed performances that we had to watch a year or two ago.

The Fink was added to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Evan Bourne & Tommy Dreamer defeated Tyson Kidd & Jack Swagger

This was definitely something worth checking out. Tyson Kidd & Jack Swagger teamed up against Evan Bourne and Tommy Dreamer, and this is something that shoould’ve been reserved for ppv. Or at least ECW main event status; by the way, where is Ricky Ortiz right now? Tyson Kidd was the aggressor early on, and it was interesting to see how well he worked in ring against Bourne. It was short lived, because Tommy Dreamer came in and worked a stiffer style, and really put the boots to Tyson Kidd. Of course we had to get to commercial break, and upon return Jack Swagger was beating Tommy Dreamer decisively. It’s funny that Swagger hasn’t gotten a Wrestlemania match up to this point, even though he’s the champ. This match broke down when Evan Bourne jumped in and took things to the next level. He threw up his moves, and pinned Tyson Kidd clean! That’s the end of that, huh?

MVP’s Lounge

MVP showed up on ECW, one again proving that you don’t need to have brand divisions! I hate the draft because of this. MVP had all the superstars from Money in the Bank, and it was interesting to say the least.

This was a lame edition of ECW, and it didn’t have that much wrestling. I guess the WWE doesn’t want too many key people injured before the big event.

ECW on Sci Fi Results 3/24/09

Carlito defeated John Morrison in a Lumber Jack Match
Evan Bourne & Tommy Dreamer defeated Tyson Kidd & Jack Swagger

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