Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/30/09 Results and Review One More Raw

The raw before Wrestlemania should be good right? We’ll see. It opened up with a Hearse being parked in the backstage area, who knows what that’s all about.

Tiffany & The Good Divas defeated the bad divas

I didn’t get all the names in this match up. By the time it was over I didn’t even get all the names. This seemed like a 12 man tag or something, this was a terrible match. Tiffany won the pinfall, and that was it.

Post match Santino came down to the ring in a robe. He took off the robe and was in a Mankini! Hilarious, he started dancing and all the divas were laughing. This was a poor segment, funny, but poor.

Chris Jericho defeated Jerry Lawler

Chris Jericho and Lawler? This should have been the wrestlemania match, not the three on one. Of course, I dug a little deeper and found that Vince isn’t too high on Lawler being in Wrestlemania as a huge participant, but that of course is all rumor, and no real concrete evidence of anything. Jericho came in and controlled the beginning of this match, hitting Lawler hard with simple moves. Lawler mounted a small comeback in the middle of this match and it wasn’t half bad. Lawler has a few matches left in his tank, but not in the same capacity as Jericho, and this was proven when Jericho slapped on the Walls of Jericho for the win.

Rey Mysterio jr defeated JBL

I’m not sure why they had this match, it was Jbl and Rey Mysterio? They should’ve saved this match or the ppv or put these guys in a tag match, not given it away for free on Raw. This was a non title match, and I’m not sure what the WWE was thinking. They have so many people on the roster, and they could’ve filled it here, but instead we got this match early. Not much of a match at all, this one ended predictably and I guess that’s all that can be said about this match up.

The Big Show defeated John Cena

John Cena and Big Show? Really? This was done so many times before; not as many times as they did with Edge and Cena but come on! What a terrible way to wedge in more wrestling onto Raw. This match was standard big man style vs no style cena. Cena needs to turn heel, and he should’ve done it yesterday. Terrible match.

Kane won an 8 man battle royal

This match sucked. It was your basic battle royal with all the participants in the Money in the Bank match up. Overall a boring endeavor and a crappy lead into wrestlemania.
Randy Orton got his best desserts with The Mcmahon family bum rushing Orton and beating him up.

Yay…Raw sucked, it’s been a while since raw sucked this bad.

WWE Raw 3/30/09 Results

Tiffany got a pinfall in a twelve man tag…it was so short I couldn’t get into it.
Chris Jericho defeated Jerry Lawler
Rey Mysterio jr defeated JBL
The Big Show defeated John Cena
Kane won an 8 man battle royal

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