Thursday, March 12, 2009

WCW The Nasty Boys vs Public Enemy Legacy

For some reason, WCW hired Ecw mainstays "Public Enemy" to their roster for the sole purpose of having them get beat up all the time. After that wore off, they decided that it was time for them to start pulling the curtain at ppv. They ended up constantly fighting with The Nasty Boys. There was a ton of memorable moments between the two tag teams as they were notorious for working stiff.

I recall one match that I can't seem to find often, involved some great moments from these two teams, and that was at Bash at the Beach 1996! The two teams squared off in a double dog collar match and they couldn't break this table. This table was landed on by both teams from the top rope and it just wouldn't break and you could hear the table buckling and bouncing wrestlers off. This was a great moment in extreme wrestling.

Well, both teams are no longer in wrestling fans heads, but I still loved watching the two teams go at it.

The Nasty Boys vs. Public Enemy
Clash of the Champions

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