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TNA Impact 8/6/09 Results and Review More Junk From TNA

Tna Impact 8/6/09 Results

Erik Young defeated Christopher Daniels
The British Invasion, Scott Steiner & Booker T defeated Beer Money & Team 3D
Sarita & Taylor Wilde defeated Alissa Flash & Traci Brooks
Matt Morgan defeated Aj Styles
Sting defeated Brutus Magnus

Tna Impact 8/6/09 Review

TNA opened up with a flashback of Erik Young and Kurt Angle arriving at the arena.

The show officially opened and of course it was Kurt Angle and the main event mafia in ring babbling about random crap. It wasn’t exactly the most thrilling of things, and to be honest, it was quite boring to me. Kurt Angle comes out and whines every single week and this wasn’t any different. Kurt Angle announces that he’s struck a deal with the British Invasion.

This is the WORST thing that could happen. The Main Event Mafia is now N.W.O 2009! That’s right, the N.W.O and the Main Event Mafia is exactly the same now. Too many members, so boring, and all older guys that should be letting the young guys in; I wanted to just quit watching TNA at this point, I am so sick of this N.W.O cloning, and I’m sure others are also tired…TNA is really blowing it, worse than WCW ever did.

Erik Young defeated Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels started this match fast, and Erik Young needed help from the outside in order to slow things down, however it was to no avail as Daniels leaped through the ropes and hit Young on the outside. However, the distraction caused Daniels to lose his focus and never really recovered. Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi kept running into the match, distracting the ref, and really not helping Daniels stay on top of his game. Erik Young eventually picked up the victory after a nice looking piledriver. This match was ok at best, kind of standard, Daniels jobbing hurts, cause he has so much talent. I remember his feud with Samoa Joe for the x-division title, 4 star matches, but now? He’s jobbing, and that’s sad.

The British Invasion, Scott Steiner & Booker T defeated Beer Money & Team 3D

I swear one of the guys on the British Invasion is juicing hardcore. Other than that observation, I didn’t see this match as that great. Team 3D were starting this match with back and forth tags, good overall offense, and really putting forth effort in an otherwise overly crowded match up. The match eventually had a slight turn for the British guys, but it was short lived as Team 3D was controlling every aspect of this match up. That is until Erik Young, Bashir, and Kiyoshi came down. That prompted the Machine Guns and Daniels to run down to ringside, and this match was a complete cluster. Kevin Nash came down, and this was worse than WCW 2000, seriously this is a load of crap. Foley came out, and now there were bout 10 or 12 wrestlers down at ringside fighting and brawling, the match was apparently not thrown out at this point This seriously mirrored Nitro, and I really wanted to stop watching this, this is such a stupid show. TNA SUCKS! I HATED THIS! The match continued and Big Rob (the most juiced wrestler I’ve seen in a long time) pinned Robert Rude and that was that. This match sucked, I hated the way this turned out. This was seriously one of the lowest points in TNA history for me.

The show continued to focus on backstage brawls, antics and random crap that we saw in the failing days of N.W.O in WCW. It’s a shame that TNA is writing such terrible wrestling shows, because they had some potential in the past weeks. The whole roster was fighting each other, that’s it.

Sarita & Taylor Wilde defeated Alissa Flash & Traci Brooks

Alissa Flash once again shined in this match, despite Sarita’s offensive control early on. Flash is a well tuned wrestler, but more impressive was Sarita with a dazzling display of Lucha Libre style dives and top rope offense. Flash of course contrasted the style with hard mat wrestling against Taylor Wilde, showing off her skill set and strong style, which isn’t seen often in women’s wrestling. The weak link here was Traci Brooks, her large breasts were getting in the way of her wrestling, and she was obviously two steps slower than the other competitors in this match; she was moving half speed compared to the other three women in this match up. She also missed a lot of moves, and was botching things left and right. Sarita was the one that got the better of the women with a roll up and a nice array of Lucha Libre moves. I think Flash and Sarita are great wrestlers and not just divas. Traci Brooks, though, is a terrible wrestler.

There was an interview with Hernandez and Mike Tenay. It was kind of boring.

Matt Morgan defeated Aj Styles

Aj Styles beat Morgan last time, so I naturally knew that Matt Morgan would get his payback for this best of three series. Styles had a lot of speed in this match and while Morgan is a fast big man, he’s not faster than Styles and it painfully showed during this match up. Morgan used hiss strength to ground Sttyles though, and it was obvious that Morgan wasn’t going to just let Styles run circles around him. Morgan was ready for Styles every move and eventually hit the Hellevator and won with an impressive set of offensive. This was really good, considering the match was a little short. I guess seeing such a bad opening and first hour made this match seem better than it really was. Morgan is getting better, but I don’t think he can do it without being carried by a veteran like AJ Styles.

Sting defeated Brutus Magnus

Well, I was ready for bed, but apparently TNA wanted to throw one more match at us. I had to sit through yet another Sting match, and I'm not sure I was ready for it. The British Invasion was thrown out of ringside, so it was Sting solo with Brutus Magnus. Sting started this match with a clinic of old school wrestling. After many arm drags, hip tosses, and throws, Mangnus was thrown out of the ring to regroup and it was Sting that looked like the young buck rather than the veteran that he is. After a slight regrouping, Magnus was focusing on the legs of Sting and was really taking a page out of Bret Hart's book, with sole focus on the leg of Sting, setting up for a submission ending later, for sure. We cut to commercial and it was just a reversal as Sting cleaned up, put Magnus into the Scorpion Death Lock and made Brutus Magnus tap out with ease.

Post match The World Elite came down and tried to fight Sting, but Sting seemed to have most of this in control, until all 9 people attacked Sting. Once again, this was a reminder of NITRO with a TON of guys on one guy....sigh....Tna ruined this show. Lashley & Mick Foley ran down and fought off all comers, Lashley is now Goldberg 2009...TNA sucks, i'm sorry I'm going to bed...this was a terrible night of wrestling.

Oh and if you think I'm overly critical, get yourself the ending of this night of wrestling. 20+ guys in the ring beating up 3 guys. This was NWO all over again, it was so lame. Seriously, what a load of crap.

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  1. Well...Im agree totally! The first thing that came to mind was...nWo.
    There was absolutely NO reason to have the Elite and the Mafia join forces. Made NO sense at all! I was very disappointed that they went this route. Everytime TNA gets something good going, they ruin it within the next 2 shows. I try my best to support them so Vince will have some competition, but its very hard to continue being faithful to this show.
    Eric young sounds HORRIBLE on the mic, so does AJ Styles,& Matt Morgan. Daniels tries to sound way too intense and it makes him look stupid. Abyss is freak'n irritating on the mic. TNA should work on Character developmenta and mic skills more than anything right now, cause they have totally screwed up the story lines. And PLEASE make new music for the Motor City Machine Guns! Not even Batista would be intimidating with that cheesy music playing!
    Lashley has been hyped for months and has been on the show for 3 weeks and hasnt wrestled a match yet!
    Kevin Nash... Im sorry, but it's time to retire. Its almost painful to watch him move around the ring now.. And, You can tell his heart isnt in it anymore.
    Same goes for Mick Foley..RETIRE!
    Theres a million more things i want to say about TNA, but Ill stop now.



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