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WWE Monday Night Raw 8/24/09 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/24/09 Results

The Miz defeated Santino
Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes, and Alicia Fox defeated Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, and Gail Kim
Mark Henry & MVP defeated The Big Show & Chris Jericho
Hornswoggle vs Chavo Guerrero no contest
Dx & Vince and McMahon defeated Legacy

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/24/09 Review

The opening of this night had Randy Orton and Legacy explain that the interference wasn’t a fan but it was Ted Dibiase Jr’s brother. Then they just looked at the camera and randomly said crap, I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention, I was too tired to really focus on Orton. I just know he was still the Champion.

Vince McMahon came down and said that Floyd Mayweather would be hosting. But before that happened, Vince McMahon got surprised by DX and they gave him a fitting video tribute to the man, since it was his birthday. There was then a long winded opening segment with DX and Vince McMahon for his birthday.

Amidst the celebration, out came Legacy and attacked. Triple H makes a match, featuring Legacy against Degeneration X and Vince McMahon in a no dq match up, set for tonight.

The Miz defeated Santino

Santino wasn’t up to his antics, and he was getting worked over quite well by The Miz. This was essentially a squash match, and was boring at that.

Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendez, and Alicia Fox defeated Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, and Gail Kim

The women were all wearing protective gloves like the ones worn in the UFC. It wasn’t for any particular reason that I could see since the match up was just a regular wrestling match. I’m assuming this was done for the host, who hadn’t arrive at the time of this match up. In a surprise, and I do mean surprise to me, Alicia Fox attempted the worst looking scissors kick in wrestling history, to win over Mickie James. This match sucked the life out of Raw, if it had any to begin with.

The Big Show & Chris Jericho came out to the ring and talked trash. Floyd Mayweather finally showed up and he was talking to Big Show about how he mopped him up. Midway through this segment, MVP came out and got on the mic. Somewhere through the MVP drivel, he got himself and a partner a WWE tag title match, or at least a non title match later on tonight…featuring himself and Mark Henry.

Mark Henry & MVP defeated The Big Show & Chris Jericho

Surprisingly, this match was actually getting a lot of time for a raw tag team mash up. Big Show and Jericho were a lot smarter than their opponents, and it showed whenever their moves were countered. Jericho especially was on top of his game, but it was Mark Henry and MVP that were getting the most out of this match up. Those two not only got the crowd fully behind them, but also made the champions look competent without taking away anything in the mean time. MVP and Mark Henry looked poised to win the belts with several near falls during this match up. Jericho and Big Show also looked like they had this sewn up too, and it was actually a good overall match up, with some great spots, regardless of lack of a feud. While the Referee was not looking, Floyd Mayweather slipped MVP a pair of Brass Knuckles, and with those knocked out Jericho! He then followed it up with a pinfall victory, and they will now go to face the champions for the titles at Breaking Point ppv.

Hornswoggle vs Chavo Guerrero no contest

Now it was time for another comedy match, and bathroom break. Chavo has sunk to the bottom, there’s nothing else to say about it. In this boxing match, Chavo had huge, oversized, boxing gloves and had to box Hornswoggle…sadly this took the winds out of the sails of the last match up and really made me want to go back to sleep. The match was basically a no contest, with Evan Bourne coming down to save Hornswoggle from getting killed.

Dx & Vince and McMahon defeated Legacy

This match wasn’t all that great, but it was adequate enough. I was too tired, not feeling well, and just trying to make it through another Raw at this point. I was giving it my best shot. Randy Orton and his cronies had this match in full control, punishing Shawn Michaels towards the second half of this match up. He was definitely working over the time clock and making Shawn Michaels too tired to be effective. Vince got tagged into the match up and things were going south, Orton tried to leave the arena, but was thrown back in via John Cena. Orton then got hit with Sweet Chin Music, then the Attitude Adjustment, and Vince McMahon got the pinfall over Orton, and that was the end of that.

This edition of Raw was bad…but the tag match was ok, so maybe it was worth watching.

**Note** just a heads up, I won’t be reviewing TNA or Smackdown this week. I will have my mother in law in town, and this might carry over into next week’s raw.

I will post the results, if I can, otherwise, you guys are flying solo for a little while. Sorry for the lapse…I try, to keep things in focus, but eh. It happens.

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