Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ECW on ScyFy 8/4/09 Results and Review Extreme Rules For A Change

ECW on ScyFy 8/4/09 Results

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Another Jobber
Shamus defeated Goldust
Christian defeated Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules Match

ECW on ScyFy 8/5/09 Review

The Abraham Washington show started the show, and with all the jokes hitting a deadpan snore, out came Zack Ryder. Ryder made fun of Shelton Benjamin, and eventually he came out. Benjamin, Ryder, and Washington were now on the stage on the mic. The two ended up doing a singing contest? Such a lame opening, I’m tired. Then, amidst a rendition of “Only Want to be With You” by Shelton Benjamin, Zack Ryder attacked from behind, and then Shelton rushed him, throwing him through the couch, and I was finally marking out! Yes! There should be more fights, like this stuff.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Another Jobber

This wasn’t a match. Ezekiel Jackson just mopped up a jobber, with incredible ease.

Post match Kozlov came down, stared down Ezekiel than dropped the jobber for good measure.

Shamus defeated Goldust

Goldust has been getting a lot more screen time on ecw and it’s interesting to say the least. He’s been looking in shape, and nearly in his prime. This math, however, had Shamus looking good including picking up a victory seemingly out of nowhere! Goldust was dominant early on, but Shamus ended up getting the upper hand, winning the match.

Post match, Goldust attacked Shamus.

Christian defeated Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules Match

This match was a throwback to the old ECW days, in which the style of the match spilled onto the floor with the use of plunder being top priority. The two exchanged hitting each other with anything that wasn’t bolted down to the floor, and this favored Tommy Dreamer as he was the one that was getting the upper hand, and for once didn’t look winded right away. After a commercial break the tables had turned and Christian was looking dominant for once, and he was just punishing Dreamer with a kendo stick, a trash can lid, and anything else at ringside. This match took an interesting route towards the end, with Tommy Dreamer reversing some of the major offense that Christian usually gives. At this point this was easily the longest match on ECW in a long time. Christian ran at Tommy Dreamer with a car door, only to get knocked nearly out on a reversal. Tommy Dreamer then got hit with The Killswitch on a car door to lose to Christian! A car door folks…this match was extreme, and Christian retains the title!

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  1. I have to see that last match. Sounds like a classic.



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