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The Road To Wrestlemania Pullman Washington House Show Report

The Road To Wrestlemania Tour
House Show Report
Pullman, Washington

Floor - Row 2

Last night I went to the Road to Wrestlemania house show in Pullman, Washington. It is 8 miles away from where I live. The event was held at the Beasley Coliseum, home to Washington State University's basketball team.

The first thing to note is that the building was less than 1/2 empty! The WWE could not even draw 1/2 the building. The whole upper deck was empty, there were plenty of mid-level seats, floor seats, and seats available all over. This was the emptiest arena I've ever seen WWE at.

I've been to ppv, house shows, and special events in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Arizona, and NEVER seen an empty house like this. Not even when WCW ran house shows. This was just embarrassing.

The matches and results are a little fuzzy but this is how I remember it this morning:

R Truth defeated Dolph Ziggler

Not a terrible match, but not exactly a ppv quality one. Truth in person is way over and he is really a class act entertainer. Ziggler is amazing in person, he gets heat just by looking at someone. Not half bad. The match wasn't great, but hey, it was the opener.

The Great Khali defeated Mike Knox

Mike Knox was supposed to be a huge monster, right? He got punked out by Khali at every turn. He played the "scared" jobbber here, and Khali just buried him with ease. Khali in person is amazing, he's huge, literally huge. Although, he looks sluggish and injured, I'm not sure if he can handle the wrestling world much longer, that's for sure.

Goldust defeated Tyler Reks (or Luke Gallows, i don't remember)

I can't remember who Goldust faced, but it was either Tyler Reks or Gallows. The match was forgettable, and Goldust seems great overall. I hope he gets a push soon, he looks to be in shape and ready to run one more time.

note: Serena in person is beautiful. I don't know what it is, but she's hot in person. At least when second row, and an arms reach away from just looks nice.

The Hart Dynasty defeated Jimmy Wang Yang & Jesse

This match brought out Natalya. She's hot and interactive in person. I kid you not. The match was ok, and the Hart Dynsaty got the win. They got a lot of crowd reaction but it was Natalya working us that had the crowd going. It's a shame that the Hart Dynasty can't get a rub thanks to Bret being back, but whatever.

At the end of the match, DH Smith said "SORRY ABOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK" just like Beer Money!

Tiffany & Beth Phoenix defeated Natalya & Layla

I don't know what it is but Layla is hot to me in person. She kept playing with the front row and us and wasn't as "heel" as she should've been. The Glamazon in person is amazing. She can really wrestle. Tiffany got beat up good in this match and she had a lot of bruises because of it.

Kane vs Drew McIntyre double count out

No one in the building liked McIntyre, and perhaps that's why he's the champion. He was getting heckled, booed, and yelled at all throughout this match. Kane and him wrestled a mediocre match which saw Kane legit hurt his arm.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is hit or miss. He's fat. Face it. In person he has a major belly and he doesn't seem that into his role. Jackson was great, he can really react well to the live crowd and he actually wrestled a decent match. Hardy on the other hand was just going through the motions and really looked tired out there. Jackson won with relative ease, but it wasn't a complete squash.

After the match Hardy came up to the front where I was and was getting heckled like crazy, he then told some kid to shut up and that it was fans like them that made him a million dollar man. He then kissed a baby in the front row and went backstage.

The Main even was great overall.

Chris Jericho defeated Cm Punk, Rey Mysterio, and Edge in a Fatal Fourway Match

This was a great match. Each wrestler got different reactions, but none worst than Punk. He got the crap heckled out of him and people were nearly punching him. I threw up my straightedge sign and he acknowledged me as a true believer! The rest though, were practically throwing drinks on him.

Jericho got the worst reaction. People were screaming at the top of their lungs in hatred of Jericho. Jericho got on the mic and called Pullman PILLMAN and that got people really mad.

Mysterio and Edge got good pops, but not nearly as loud as people heckling Punk and Jericho.

This match saw Jericho & Punk teaming up to battle the faces, even though it was a fatal fourway. Mysterio nearly had this won with a sick 619, but when he went for the West Coast Pop he got caught by a waiting Punk who hit a nasty GTS and nearly broke Mysterio's nose, but then was speared by Edge, who then got hit by Jericho for the win.

Jericho's win got the crowd nearly throwing trash in the ring. Afterwards Edge and Mysterio attacked and shook hands.

Tony Chimmel got heckled and he said thanks, and that was that.

Overall the night was fun. Second row seats are amazing! The house show was great for me. Even though there was less than 1/3 of the building filled. It's a sad state when the WWE can't draw.

I didn't hate anything on the show, and had to drool a little for the divas. They aren't as ugly as on tv, and boy, when given time they can really wrestle...I never thought I'd say that.

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