Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WWE NXT on SyFy 3/9/10 Results and Review

WWE NXT on SyFy 3/9/10 Results

R Truth & Otunga defeated The Miz & Daniel Bryan
Heath Slater defeated Carlito

WWE NXT on SyFy 3/9/10 Review

Here we go, another show to talk about.

R Truth & Otunga defeated The Miz & Daniel Bryan

Truth and Otunga were fighting with ease, and Miz & Bryan were just not a unit. Eventually Bryan and Miz got rolling, and the two started to work as a unit. The Miz was shocked to have Daniel Blind Tag himself in, but it worked out well. Otunga got thrown into a heel hook on Otunga, dead center of the ring, and it looked like he was ready to tap, but Miz blind tagged his way in and slapped Bryan. The two started fighting, and Truth came in with a nice heel kick to get Otunga to pin the Miz after his finisher, and that was that! The Miz gets pinned by Otunga, Bryan gets mad, the two are headed for a collision course.

Daniel Bryan and The Miz went to a war of words in the back. Bryan slapped him in the face.

Michael Cole turned heel yet again.

Heath Slater defeated Carlito

Carlito was getting some major hits against Slater, but Slater wasn’t just laying down. Carlito had this thing sewn up several times, but Slater managed to reversed a roll up and surprised Carlito for the quick pinfall win.

MY dvr cut out the last match…cause it sucks.

Visit WWE.com for the finish.

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