Monday, March 8, 2010

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/810 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/8/10 Results

Eve, Gail Kim, and Kelly Kelly defeated Alicia Fox, Maryse, and Katie Lea
R Truth & John Morrison vs. Miz Show
Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes defeated Randy Orton
Evan Bourne defeated William Regal in a money in the bank qualifying match
Mr. McMahon defeated John Cena in a handicap gauntlet match

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/8/10 Review

The Undertaker opened the show, as the Monday Night Wars started! Just a quick note, I’ll be reviewing TNA tomorrow, so stick around.

The Undertaker came to Raw to start talking about Shawn Michaels. HBK interrupted the Taker and came down to the ring, looking determined as ever. HBK proposed that the match be NO DQ and NO COUNTOUT and that the only way to win will be Pinfall or Submission! Undertaker accepts!

I wish I could’ve fast forwarded the show…sometimes I hate watching live wrestling. Michael Cole annoys me, even after all these years.

Eve, Gail Kim, and Kelly Kelly defeated Alicia Fox, Maryse, and Katie Lea

I saw the Smackdown Divas compete, and they were amazing. These girls? Not that great, despite the fact that there are a couple in ring that can actually work quite well. Alicia Fox is still employed? Katie Lea is still around? This match was your standard six man tag match with Gail Kim looking like she is on her way to another title shot, but other than her, this match was a throwaway contest. At least it wasn’t that short. Eve got the submission with an arm bar.

R Truth & John Morrison vs. Miz Show

This match broke down fast and the teams ended up fighting outside. The ref through the match out, and that was that.

There was a lot of backstage segments at this point, and I was tired…and eating, when I returned nothing had happened yet.

Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes defeated Randy Orton

Orton attacked his former friends at the ramp, and we got a commercial break. Orton was a victim to the numbers game early on, and he was fighting uphill to stay alive, but managed to get a few good hits. Orton had this thing nearly sewn up but Cody Rhodes and Dibiase wouldn’t die, and kept fighting! Orton got hit with Dream Street! Dibiase then pinned Orton clean! Orton beaten clean! Wow!

I liked this match and I liked the ending, Orton losing the numbers game is classic to me.

Post match Rhodes hit Crossroads and the two former Legacy members posed over a fallen Randy Orton.

Triple H gave some random speech, and brought out Sheamus. Sheamus looked scared. Sheamus got beat up fast, but came back to fight Triple H. The two will most likely fight it out at Wrestlemania, much to my dismay.

Evan Bourne defeated William Regal in a money in the bank qualifying match

This was a fast match, and it had Evan Bourne easily knocking off William Regal. He is now going to the money in the bank ladder match at Wrestlemania. Should be interesting to see what happens.

Mr. McMahon defeated John Cena in a handicap gauntlet match

John Cena had to run through several people in a “Handicap” Gauntlet match. First up was Kozlov and gave Cena a beat down before tagging McMahon.

McMahon called out Drew McIntyre, and he started to beat up Cena upon running down the ramp. Drew hit his finisher, then tagged in McMahon, and Mcmahon went for another pin, only to get a kick out at two.

McMahon then called out participant number 3, which was none other than Jack Swagger! Swagger started beating down Cena, and McMahon was cheering on. After the commercial break, Swagger was getting PWNED! Swagger turned it around and looked like he had Cena's number. Mcmahon once again tagged in, and couldn't pick up the pin. Cena just kept kicking out. He called out the next guy, it was Mark Henry.

Mark Henry came down to the ring, and was conflicted about beating up Cena. He got Cena to his feet then hit the world's strongest slam, and immediately tagged in McMahon, who tried to get the pin. Once again Cena kicked out.

McMahon changed the rules to make it a No Disqualification match! He then grabbed the bell, and was ready to fight, but was thwarted by Mark Henry. Henry was called to hit Cena with the bell, but didn't manage to do it, only to get Speared. Batista came down and speared Henry, and looked like he was going to take out Cena, but down came Kofi Kingston! Kingston got Batista Bombed out of the ring, and McMahon and Batista tried to fight Cena...and it was interesting to note...Cena finally got his hands on McMahon! Batista speared Cena, and McMahon pounced, but before it was done Cena got hit with a Batista Bomb! McMahon then pinned Cena and won! McMahon defeats CENA!

Overall, this Raw wasn't half bad. I liked how it finished, and I liked how McMahon & Batista are forming a good union. This will most likely set up a Cena win at Wrestlemania, but I haven't seen a stronger Heel out of Batista in a long time. I love how he is being portrayed right now as a top guy, and I'm buying it for sure!

I haven't liked Raw in a long time, but tonight it was actually kind of good. My faith is somewhat restored now. Stay tuned for the TNA report, most likely tomorrow morning.

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