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WWE Monday Night Raw 3/1/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/1/10 Results

Randy Orton defeated Ted Dibiase via disqualification
Jack Swagger defeated Santino
MVP defeated Zack Ryder
Eve beat Maryse, Alicia Fox ,Jillian,Gail Kim, and Kelly Kelly
Big Show & The Miz defeated Dx

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/1/10 Review

Shawn Michaels opened up the show, in street clothes coming down to ringside. HBK cut a promo asking for someone to come out and say he couldn’t beat the undertaker, and that’s when Triple H’s music hit. HBK and Triple H talk about random crap including Dx getting their rematch for the Tag Team Titles tonight on Raw.

Triple H goes on to say that Undertaker’s streak is going to end and that HBK will do it.

Cheech and Chong did a sketch, more like Chong did a sketch with Hornswoggle…it was dumb.

Randy Orton defeated Ted Dibiase via disqualification

Randy Orton was struggling throughout this match up. Ted Dibiase was fighting like he was on ppv, and Orton was taking every hit, until he got really excited and was ready to hit the RKO. Cody Rhodes came down and interfered in the match up, leaving Rhodes and Dibiase to fight off Orton. The two teamed up leaving Orton to fight off both men at the same time. Orton got the better of the exchange getting both men to leave the ring.

Jack Swagger defeated Santino

Santino has the best shirt in the WWE right now. I wish I had money.

This was a squash match. Santino went from being Intercontinental Champion at one point…I think….to now what? Nothing.

John Cena cut a promo, and the crowd was insane. I didn’t care for it, but he called out Batista. Mind you, this is the top of the first hour and only two matches have occurred. Batista’s music hit and man did he get a nice reception too. Batista rolled out with a ton of security guards for what seems like no apparent reason.

MVP defeated Zack Ryder

MVP squashes Zack Ryder completely. Not even a fair match. Ryder buried, and fired if You ask me.

Eve beat Maryse, Alicia Fox ,Jillian,Gail Kim, and Kelly Kelly

This was stupid. A pillow fight. I don’t know what else to say about it. Eve wins and that was that.

At this point in the night I got tired of this but kept pegging along.

Bret Hart and Vince had a nice little promo of random crap. They did their thing, I was bored, looking forward to getting some grub.

Big Show & The Miz defeated Dx

Show started by trying to manhandle HBK and he was doing it well as Michaels was bumping like a champ. This match was going well and wasn’t half bad, but then Undertaker showed up on the big screen, Miz rolled up HBK and wins the match. So lame. What a load of suck.

Post match, Sheamus ran out and beat up Triple H as HBK ran back to the backstage area crying like a little idiot.

Final thoughts:

This night of wrestling was very forgettable to me.

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