Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WWE NXT on SYFY 3/2/10 Results and Review

WWE NXT on SYFY 3/2/10 Results

Darren Young defeated David Otunga
Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel defeated Skip Sheffield & William Regal
Wade Barrett defeated Daniel Bryan

WWE NXT on SYFY 3/2/10 Review

Here we go again, another WWE Show, I’m tired.

Darren Young defeated David Otunga

This match was starting to bore me. Black John Cena doesn’t do it for me, I’m sorry. This match was longer than their first meeting and Darren Young won this thing. He had some decent offense, but nothing good overall.

CM Punk helped Young win, which was rad. I liked that. Punk doesn’t like Young yet he helped out…or did he?

Post match, Otunga pushed R Truth and it looked like he was upset. I didn’t like the match at all. I thought it was forced and slow.

Backstage The Miz and Daniel Bryan were talking. The Miz was demanding respect. Wade Barrett will wrestle Daniel Bryan next.

Otunga got in a fight with R Truth backstage, but R Truth was getting pwned! I liked that segment.

Wade Barrett defeated Daniel Bryan

Bryan was impressive here, but slipped on the top rope and got beat up by Barrett. Barrett rolled through bryan

Post match Jericho hit Bryan with the Walls of Jericho.

Bryan is getting hazed like crazy, most likely for his extensive experience. They are really putting him through the ringer. I truly believe they are doing this cause he can handle it.

Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel defeated Skip Sheffield & William Regal

Skip Sheffield is just odd, he’s kind of entertaining, but he needs different tights and a more controlled gimmick, ala Stone Cold. Regal really hit Gabriel hard, and this match wasn’t half bad. Regal was definitely in there looking the best of the four in my book. Matt Hardy is still fat, but he did alright for himself too. Gabriel hit a huge high flying move and won this match up for his team. Not a half bad move, to say the least.

This night’s NXT had some good stuff, nothing too crazy, but enough to check out some good wrestling. Gabriels 450 was better than Juvi’s.


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  2. D. Young can not win a match up against David Otunga fair an square. He is doing good just not that dam great. Otunga can in the sport as a true rookie, and now he is looking like the top wrestlers. True be told he has improved more than any of the of the rookies there. Otunga should be the next WWE star. He is really earning his spot, and had more to prove.



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