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WWE Monday Night Raw 3/15/10 Results and Review Stone Cold Raw

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/15/10 Results

Big Show defeated John Cena
Sheamus vs Evan Bourne no contest
HBK defeated Chris Jericho via count out
Triple H vs Randy Orton no contest
Batista defeated Kofi Kingston

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/15/10 Review

Here we go, live with the Rattlesnake!

Stone Cold came down and opened the show and it was rad to see him in ring drinking ice cold beers!

John Cena interrupted things and got a huge pop, it was insane.

Big Show defeated John Cena

The matches started fast, with Big Show fighting Cena and Big Show completely dominating. John Cena got a huge comeback but was distracted by batista, and got caught in a huge chokeslam by Big show. Big Show hit the knockout and it was the end for John Cena. An alright match, fast one, but he obviously could’ve won like he did when beat Show for the U.S. Title.

Sheamus vs Evan Bourne no contest

This match sucked. It wasn’t even a match. Sheamus dropped Evan Bourne and then got on the mic for no apparent reason. I didn’t care for it.

Maryse defeated Kelly Kelly

Another boring divas match, not even worth mentioning really.

Post match all the divas started fighting, with McCool & Layla coming to the aid of Maryse and most likely setting up a Wrestlemania match with all the divas.

HBK defeated Chris Jericho via countout

Jericho and Michaels put on a quality match for Raw. HBK was having a hard time against Jericho, as Jericho was one step ahead for most of the match up, however, HBK would go for a comeback and had this thing all but sewn up at various stages of the match. Jericho wasn’t just going down easily though, until he missed the Lionsault when HBK put his knees up. HBK looked like he had this thing easily won, but Jericho ran away.

Post match Jericho was attacked by Edge, and a huge SPEAR knocked out Jericho and got the crowd exploding.

Wresltemania got a new match signed tonight, it will be Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase vs Cody Rhodes in a triple threat match.

Triple H vs Randy Orton no contest

This match wasn’t half bad, it was actually kind of going well until it sort of died. How? Legacy ran n and beat up Triple H and Orton. That was that. Through the match it was back and forth, and I liked it overall.

Post match Legacy continued to beat up Orton. Triple H got back in the ring and started to help Orton but Sheamus jumped in and hit a huge boot to the face.

Batista defeated Kofi Kingston

This match was all Kofi for a while, and Batista looked like he was having problems. After Kofi busted Batista’s face open with a nice looking kick, Batista got really mad and attacked viciously. He eventually knocked out Kofi and won! Batista wins an impressive match, even though he got busted wide open.

I hate contact signings. This was yet another contract signing, only this time Stone Cold was the moderator, or whatever. It was stupid to me. I don’t like this stuff….oh well.

It's official, Bret "the Hitman" Hart vs Vince McMahon in a no holds barred match will take place at Wrestlemania XVI!

I thought Stone Cold was going to have a better night as WWE Host. As Austin leaves he lets Bret show Vince that his leg is not broken at all!

Hart yells that VINCE SCREWED VINCE, then hits Mcmahon with Cast, and then gets thrown over the table.

McMahon was left in the middle of the ring and Hart leaves standing tall. It'll be nice to see this match.

Help make it happen, donate a few cents?

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