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Tna Impact 3/8/10 Results and Review

Tna Impact 3/8/10 Results

Hulk Hogan & Abyss vs Aj Styles & Ric Flair (no contest)
Doug Williams defeated Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in a triple threat x-division title match
The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne) defeated Taylor Wilde & Sarita and Tara & Angelina Love in the women’s tag title match
RVD defeated Sting
Erik Young defeated Six Pac
Beer Money defeated Jeff Jarret with special guest referee Mick Foley
Hulk Hogan & Abyss defeated Ric Flair & Aj Styles in a no dq match

Tna Impact 3/8/10 Review

TNA has a new theme and entrance, which reminds me of the Attitude era or Thunder opening. Overall it’s nice to see them change things up a little, with this live edition of Impact.

There was a lot of hype regarding the first five minutes of TNA, but the first five only really had Hogan and Abyss in ring. The crowd was going nuts for TNA, chanting TNA loudly, causing Hogan to have to weight a little longer to talk about. Hogan then cut a promo, which bored me…cause I’m tired.

The first match was none other than the hyped match up that was advertised all week. The main event was actually the first event, which seemed odd to me.

Hulk Hogan & Abyss vs Aj Styles & Ric Flair

This match was interesting as Hogan and Abyss were getting pummeled with relative ease, the lights went out and I hated this crap. STING showed up in the ring and protected Hogan and Abyss? This seemed like WCW crap to me, not change or anything!

But then Sting attacked HOGAN AND ABYSS! The swerve! I can’t believe I got swerved! Aj Styles grabbed a chair and nearly killed Abyss with it, and then Flair hit Hogan in the skull with a chair, busting him wide open! Sting left the ring and let Styles and Flair beat the crap out of Abyss and Hogan. I had mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, I don’t mind, on the other hand, this is just the same style of booking that made WCW famous at times.

Hogan changed the rules and added a NO DQ clause, so that there would be a winner no matter what.

The match didn’t continue, and the cameras were sent backstage to follow Sting. Sting choked out Dixie and said “I OWE YOU NOTHING” and it was just awkward.

Then quick cut to Flair and Styles getting interviewed.

Brooke Hogan & Hogan’s girlfriend were backstage, and it was sad.

Kaz was in ring and cut a stupid promo. That dude sucks. Kaz was interrupted by Christopher Daniels, and he said that he was going to lead TNA into battle. However, Daniels got buried a few weeks ago so I didn’t care about this at all.

Doug Williams interrupted, and walked down the ring, and cut a random promo against the two idiots in ring. Eric Bischoff made a triple threat match for the X-Division title match and it started immediately.

Doug Williams defeated Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in a triple threat x-division title match

This impromptu match started sloppy, but started to move forward quickly. Williams was most impressive to me, while Daniels and Kazarian seemed a bit off for some reason. Kazarian nearly killed himself with a huge flip over the top rope onto his opponents. I’m surprised he didn’t hit his legs on the guard rails, it was really close! Kazarians top rope double dropkick was a great spot in this one, and I was surprised the match went on for this long. Doug William’s Chaos Theory Suplex was the most impressive finish I’ve seen in a long time. He managed to get the pinfall and win this triple threat match.

Post match Shannon Moore ran down and attacked Doug Williams, and looked to have surprised Williams with relative ease.

Bischoff announced that Shannon Moore would fight Doug Williams at the ppv for the title.

Dixie Carter forced Sting to fight later on tonight, but it was for a mystery opponent…oooooh…..awwwww….who could it be?

The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne) defeated Taylor Wilde & Sarita and Tara & Angelina Love in the women’s tag title match

TNA stripped the belts from Hamada and Kong since they couldn’t defend the title in 30 days…or because Kong quit.

This match wasn’t half bad at all, it had some good moments, but out of the blue Daffney ran in and hit Tara with the Women’s title belt and caused The Beautiful People to win the titles.

Daffney was wearing this amazing corset of source that really had me going for a few seconds….nevermind.

Backstage Desmond Wolfe attacked the pope, hitting him with a chain on the injured ankle.

RVD defeated Sting

ROB VAN DAM showed up to TNA and literally just killed Sting. A top rope kick to the head and a quick move and he pinned Sting 1-2-3.

Post match Sting fought off RVD with a baseball bat. Then just left the ring. Way to debut huh? Stupid. Way to kill the momentum.

Hogan came out bloodied, and was charging to the ring to fight Sting, but a ton of security held him back. Meanwhile, Sting hit RVD with the bat, then hit Hogan with the bat.

What a terrible night for Hogan.

Kevin Nash & Erik Young will face Hall & Waltman at Destination X. If Waltman and Hall beat Nash and Young they get a contract! I smell a Nash heel turn…we’ll see.

Erik Young defeated Six Pac

These two light weights battled it out in an impromptu match up and it wasn’t half b ad. I was actually impressed with Pac’s flexibility and speed. Young was definitely hanging in there toe to toe, and the two put on a cool match. Young hit a nice Piledriver and won the match. This was fast, but I liked it.

The US Army surrounded the Impact Zone and Kurt Angle called out Mr. Anderson. Anderson was backstage and Angle immediately dragged him to the ring, and the two brawled in ring. Anderson tried to leave but was stopped by U.S. Army! This segment was gold, and Angle threw Anderson back in the ring! Angle was then tossed out to the ring and was beaten up by the ARMY! I kid you not! The Army was like Lumberjacks and they were getting them some Anderson! I liked this! SOLID! Anderson was getting worked over by both Angle and the recruits, and the impact zone was going completely ballistic! I was going Ballistic on the couch, cheering on Angle, which is rare for me. Angle hit an Angle slam and left Anderson in the middle of the ring, beaten and nearly bloodied! This segment was gold!

The Army ran inside and lifted Angle on their back! This was amazing, great segment. TNA DID SOMETHING RIGHT!

Beer Money defeated Jeff Jarret with special guest referee Mick Foley

Mick Foley stopped a backstage brawl, and Double J was getting worked over huge. This was just a glorified beat down. Storm and Roode punished Jarret with everything but the kitchen sink, but Jeff did manage to get a few shots. Jarrett got a comeback going and looked like he could take on the former tag champions. Jarret was about to use the barbed wire bat on beer Money but a new ref ran down and stopped it. Beer Money then hit hard and beat Jarrett. Double J's burial continues, and I'm not sure if he'll ever rise up the ranks.

Backstage Brooke Hogan was on screen talking to Hogan. Hogan promises his daughter that this will be his last match ever.

Hulk Hogan & Abyss defeated Ric Flair & Aj Styles in a no dq match

This match was restarted under NO DQ rules, and was a really good ending in my view to a halfway decent show. Flair was busted open big, and he was bleeding a river. This is kind of sad, but heck, what are you gonna do? Hogan was pummeling flair's face with right hands, and just killing him.

Here's a random thought. If it's no dq why did Abyss and Styles not interfere with Hogan literally killing Ric Flair?

Styles got the hot tag and fought Hogan. Brooke Hogan kept showing up on camera and was acting as though this was real.

The match broke down with Abyss hitting his finisher, Hogan hitting a leg drop, and Abyss getting a black hole slam on Styles for the win. He'll face Styles for the title at Destination X.

Post match, Desmond Wolfe came down and attacked with a chair. However, out came The Pope for the save. Wolfe was cleaning house, but got chop blocked by Aj Styles. This prompted Jeff hardy to run down to the ring and hit anyone that was still moving. He hit Wolfe with a great finisher then the Twist of Fate and the crowd went nuts! The feed cut out as Hardy was flying through the air on the bad guys.


Overall I liked TNA better than Raw. I can't believe they actually put together a good show. There were less skits, more wrestling, and stuff I actually cared about.

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