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Tna Impact 3/22/2010 Results and Review

Tna Impact 3/22/2010 Results

The Beautiful People & Daffney defeated Tara, Sarita, Taylor Wilde, and Angelina Love
Big Rob Terry defeated Tyson Tomko
Jeff Jarrett defeated Mick Foley w/ Beer Money as Special Guest Referees
Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy defeated Beer Money

Tna Impact 3/22/2010 Review

Impact opened with Bischoff playing Spanish Guitar and it was kind of cool.

Eric Bischoff challenged Double J to play guitar, then taunted him. Jarrett was ready to hit Bischoff with a guitar but didn’t, and ended up walking away.

DOUBLE J came back and smashed the crap out of a guitar on Eric Bischoff’s head! The crowd went completely ballistic, and I was going nuts too! Right on JEFF!

Backstage Jeff got a standing ovation from Mick Foley.

Foley will fight Double J and one of them will be fired. Lame.

The Beautiful People and Daffney beat up Tara.

The Beautiful People & Daffney defeated Tara, Sarita, Taylor Wilde, and Angelina Love

These girls can wrestle when given time to perform. The match was standard fare, nothing was really sticking out to me. Daffney and Tara’s feud might end up lasting a lot longer, as the two couldn’t avoid a collision course in this match.

I think that the women’s division in TNA is great, but I’ve seen the same 8 people over and over again and it’s starting to bore me.

Tara hit a sickening Widow’s Peak on Lacey Von Erich, and I thought this was done, but nope, Daffney hit a nice finisher and pinned the Knockout champion! I liked it. They call it the Lobotomy neck breaker and it looked awesome.

Backstage Aj Styles and Ric Flair arrived. Flair is still in a wheel chair and Styles on crutches. A hilarious arrival to the Impact Center, and not half bad for the two idiots of TNA; otherwise boring two in my opinion…

Hogan and Abyss cut a promo…boring. I don’t care about Abyss. I don’t care about Hogan either. I thought they were going to bring change to TNA, but recently it’s just been a bore.

Ric Flair came out and cut a promo in his wheel chair, and Aj Styles talked crap…I don’t know, Styles can’t talk, and he sucks. I’m hating on this after watching 3 hours of PPV so give me a little break here.

Sting shows up and locks Hogan in a corner. Styles throws away his crutches and Abyss gets beat up by Styles. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

The Pope’s music hit and he ran down to the ring. He did a number on Styles and Hogan & Abyss took turns mopping up Styles, and Pope hit his finisher.

Big Rob Terry defeated Tyson Tomko

Tomko is so fat it’s embarrassing. Terry rolled through Tomko with relative ease. I didn’t hate this match but Terry has to be on so much roids it’s ridiculous. Whatever, he reminds me of a super jacked Ken Shamrock.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Mick Foley w/ Beer Money as Special Guest Referees

This match was 20 years too late. Jarrett might be able to still go, but Foley is so past his prime, and in his books he promised he was done and not going to be one of those guys that retires than comes back again….then again there was Wrestlemania 2000 wasn’t there? Nevermind.

Foley was taking bumps on the Ramp, which was odd to me. Jarrett and Foley managed to put on a watchable encounter. A chair was thrown into the ring, Mr. Socko came into play and hit Jarrett with it. Foley took a shot to the head with a chair, then Double J hit the stroke on a chair, and it was done. Foley is fired.

Not a great match, but it was passable.

Post match Beer Money beat up Jeff Jarrett without mercy. I don’t really care for it.

Jeff Hardy’s music hit and out came Hardy & Van Dam for the save.

Matt Morgan vs Hernandez

These two fought each other and it looked like Hernandez hit hard and was injured….not really! Well I don’t think so anyways. TNA is supposedly sending Hernandez to Mexico, so this is an easy way to get him out of the company for a while. The match was all Hernandez for the most part, but Morgan injuring him means we’ll get a new tag team championship partner or a new team? Not sure.

Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy defeated Beer Money

Hardy and Van Dam worked well together against Beer Money and of course Beer Money was quite good. I didn’t hate this match, as it was given a good amount of time to develop and played to the strengths of all the participants.

A nice Swanton was followed by a Five Star Frog Splash and this match was in the books!

Erik Young showed up to the middle of the ring and said that next week there will be a Six Man Tag.

Pac, Hall, and Nash vs. Erik Young, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam! I hate six man tags.

Oh well.

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