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TNA Destination X 2010 Results and Review

TNA Destination X 2010 Results

Kaz defeated Amazing Red, Christopher Daniels, and Brian Kendrick in a ladder match
Tara defeated Daffney in the TNA Knockout’s Title Match
Big Rob defeated Magnus in the global title match
The Motor city Machine Guns defeated Generation ME in an Ultimate X Match
Scott Hall & Six Pac defeated Erik Young & Kevin Nash
Doug Williams defeated Shannon Moore in the X-Division Title Match
Matt Morgan & Hernandez defeated Beer Money
Kurt Angle defeated Anderson
Aj Styles vs Abyss No Contest

TNA Destination X 2010 Review

Alright, I’m late on all TNA news because of the ppv and well, I had a lot of WWE stuff to work on. Even though I’m late on the NXT review too, man, I’m behind all around.

Kaz defeated Amazing Red, Christopher Daniels, and Brian Kendrick in a ladder match

First and foremost, Christopher Daniel’s ring attire looked gay.

The match was fast paced, as expected, and there were just highlight reels of offense from all men. Even Kendrick seemed to be working harder than usual. Amazing Red had some of the best counters, as he is one of the best cruiserweights I’ve ever seen. His timing is amazing, and even though he didn’t win, he put on a show. Kendrick was the weakest of all of them, and I still don’t like Kaz, even though he took a lot of bumps with the ladder. Daniels is a shell of his former gimmick, that’s for sure.

The guys were working sloppy with the ladders, and it should be noted that the ladders are NOT metal. They are hard plastic/wood with metal rungs! They’ve been re-painted and are most likely the Werner brand.

Amazing Red nearly killed himself and Daniels with a Hurricanrana off the top rope to the outside off a ladder! Kaz took some insane bumps with the ladder, the rest were somewhat timid; reminds me of when Los Guerreros fought The World’s Greatest Tag Team in a ladder match, and only the Guerrero’s would bump with the ladders.

Kazarian managed to get the win, but I didn’t think the ending matched the mid points of the match. Kaz sucks…I don’t like him. Red looked legit hurt.

Ric Flair came out and cut a promo in a wheel chair, and he was going nuts.

Hogan and Abyss talked, it was boring.

Bischoff showed off his hair cut, talked to Hogan, was boring too.

Tara defeated Daffney in the TNA Knockout’s Title Match

Daffney was hitting Tara with everything in this match, and I admit, I was cheering for her to win. I like how pale she is, I’m weird, I guess. Tara hit a nice singing side suplex and couldn’t put away the goth chick. Daffney hit a nice finisher, but Tara wasn’t going to lose easily. Tara hit the Widow’s Peak and won this match cleanly.

Big Rob defeated Magnus in the global title match

Big Rob is on the juice, he’s massive, and it’s not looking natural to me. Magnus put on a minor offense against Big Rob, but this was obvious going to be a Big Rob win. Big Rob hit a nice slam on Magnus and that was that.

The Motor city Machine Guns defeated Generation ME in an Ultimate X Match

These two teams do not need to be in a gimmick match up like this. Generation ME put on a clinic, and really showed off why they deserve to be in TNA. The Machine Guns looked to be taking it easy at some points and just over confident, where as ME was taking this thing as their only chance at proving themselves. One team just seemed more urgent about this match up. Sure, The Machine Guns are no crap team, but if I had to take my pick it’d be Generation Me, most likely because I knew them back in Los Angeles’s indie wrestling scene.

The match was a spotfest, and the best team I guess didn’t win, with the Machine Guns winning this match.

Scott Hall & Six Pac defeated Erik Young & Kevin Nash

This match wasn’t all that good, but it was done well. Pac threw down some amazing athleticism and it’s important to realize that the guy can really go if given a chance. Meanwhile, Hall lowered the Boom on Young several times, and it looked like he was working stiff. Hall didn’t look THAT out of shape, but he is a shell of his former self for sure. At least he’s not MATT HARDY Fat.

Nash turned his back on Erik Young, hit a huge powerbomb, than Hall hit the Outsider’s Edge and won this match. Young got trounced, and the old guys are now together again. Man, Hall needs to work out more.

Post match, Pac spray painted a body outline of Young in the middle of the ring. The crowd was yelling “Same Old Shit”, and they were most likely right.

Doug Williams defeated Shannon Moore in the X-Division Title Match

Shannon Moore is not my favorite light weight, and I’ve never been a big fan. However, he did manage to bring in some offense on a much better Doug Williams. Williams did some good stuff, and managed to save his title in this match against the relative new comer Moore. Williams used a foreign object then painted Moore’s face with some make up.

Matt Morgan & Hernandez defeated Beer Money

Beer Money was looking great as usual in this match up. Hernandez was isolated for the majority of this match up, and it was looking like a Matt Morgan heel turn was going to come down, but it didn’t manifest itself until later in the match. He started berating Hernandez with words, while Hernandez tried to take the majority of Beer Money’s offense.

Hernandez got tagged in and went flying, and Morgan threw Hernandez back into the ring, only to get sprayed in the face with beer! I thought this match was over at this point, but Hernandez was able to hit his finisher and get the three count for his team.

Post match Matt Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint on Hernandez. He then took both title belts.

Kurt Angle defeated Anderson

This match was a long drawn out battle between these two long feuding wrestlers. Anderson looked like he had problems getting Angle down, but eventually got rhythm and was hitting Angle with a lot of offense. Angle didn’t just lie down, he managed to battle through a lot of it, and eventually was looking to score the win, but couldn’t put away Anderson. A ref bump sent this match into an odd point, and Anderson was looking to capitalize but Kurt was able to hit a nice release German Suplex Anderson down. Anderson was then scraped across the face with the Warrior metal, busting Anderson open.

The match ended when the ref woke up and Angle caused Anderson to tap out. Angle’s win ends the feud doesn’t it? I don’t know. This match was sub-par, but it managed to get Anderson what he had coming.

Post match Anderson cut a promo, but it was worthless to me, because he lost and was a bloody mess. Why Kurt didn’t just walk away was weird to me. Kurt should’ve just not cared, cause he already beat Anderson.

Aj Styles vs Abyss No Contest

These two put on an ok match up. I’ve seen better out of both of these guys. Aj was his standard self, not really resembling Nature Boy at all, which was odd to me. Abyss hulked up eventually and this match took better shape, but it took a long time to get there. Ric Flair was on the ramp in a wheel chair and wasn’t too involved until towards the latter stages. Abyss hit the Blackhole Slam and he couldn’t get the win.

Flair got hit in the face with some sort of spray from Flair, and then threw the belt into the ring for Styles to use. Styles hit the Abyss with the belt and Hogan came out with a new ref.

Hogan then wheeled Flair out while the match started up again.

Towards the end of the match I realized two things.

1) AJ Styles Sucks. He doesn’t have that “IT” factor to be champion.
2) Abyss sucks, he’s just a mankind clone with a terrible gimmick right now.

While some of the fans cared, I just found this immensely boring. Maybe the Pope can make Aj Interesting.

Abyss threw AJ Styles through the ring and this match was stopped. It looked incredibly weak and stupid. This gimmick sucks and really shouldn’t be featured as the final moment of a ppv.

Post match Flair and Hogan started fighting Flair. Flair got sprayed in the face with his own spray, Chelsea got involved, Desmond Wolfe came down only to get sprayed in the face with something and then fell in the big hole in the ring.

What a terrible second half of the ppv. Screw this crap.


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