Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TNA Impact 3/15/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 3/15/10 Results

Kurt Angle & The Pope defeated Mr. Anderson & Desmond Wolfe
The nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart defeated Team 3D w/ Brother Runt
Angelina Love vs Daffney no contest
Scott Hall defeated Kevin Nash 5 Minute 25,000 Dollar Match
Jeff Hardy defeated AJ Styles

TNA Impact 3/15/10 Review

TNA Impact opened up with a Hummer arriving. Abyss, Hogan, RVD, and Jeff Hardy showed up together, and are now at Impact! I smell 8 man tag coming.

The opening segment had Aj Styles and Ric Flair in ring cutting their heel promo. Flair cut himself wide open and I liked it, it made him look completely insane. Styles and Flair called out Hardy, and after coming down, Styles got in his face and called him a nobody. I liked this segment, not half bad. Hardy got the last laugh in this one.

The Nasty Boys took out Jesse Neal backstage.

The nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart defeated Team 3D w/ Brother Runt

Brother Runt is now in TNA!

This match was your standard match up that these guys could throw together. Jimmy Hart got involved at one point, but only minimally. This match sucked, to say the least. The Nasty Boys won this match up.

Post match Team 3D put Sags through a table. That was that.

Kurt Angle & The Pope defeated Mr. Anderson & Desmond Wolfe

This match wasn’t much of a match, it was somewhat short, and it featured some ok moments. Angle had most of this match in the bag, Pope got some good shots in, despite having a bad ankle. The Pope got a roll up, and it was ok at best. It’s funny that Pope can turn the ankle injury on and off.

Post match Angle got hit with Anderson’s finisher, and Anderson took Angle’s medal yet again. Anderson then busted Angle open with his own warrior medal.

The Pope and Desmond Wolfe fought each other to the back of the arena.

Angelina Love vs Daffney

This match was interesting, for a moment. Well, only to the extent that Angelina Love got thrown into the side of the ramp. Daffney is still hot to me…even if she was an honorary Beautiful People member. Angelina got beat up afterwards, and was saved by Tara. Tara hit everyone that moved and then hit her Widow’s Peak. This was a throwaway match and was relatively boring to me.

Hogan was in ring calling out Sting, and when Sting was down from the rafters, RVD jumped him! Hogan then was given Sting’s Bat and Hogan nearly killed Sting. Eric Bischoff came out and stopped Hogan from killing Sting.

Scott Hall defeated Kevin Nash 5 Minute 25,000 Dollar Match

I’ve already seen this match in WCW. It sucked then, it sucks now, and this was a boring match with Kevin Nash just hitting Hall with some big right hands.

This match was boring, Six Pac ran in and handcuffed Nash and beat him up with help from Hall. Then Erik Young came down, only to get beat up. This match was lame.

Beer Money defeated Hernandez w/ Special Guest Jeff Jarrett

Hernandez got into this match when Bischoff saw him talking to Jarrett about taking on Beer money. Hernandez put on an ok fight, but ended up losing after Beer Money hit the DWI.

This match was ok, it was short and I got tired of it fast. Beer Money are now heels? Whatever. Tna is sucking it up now.

Bischoff was going to cut Foley’s hair, but instead Foley gave Bischoff the mandible claw…lame. Bischoff then shaved Bischoffs hair…whatever.

Generation Me & The Motor City Machine Guns started brawling in ring. The x-division guys hit the ring, and it was ok.

However, when Kaz ran down to the ring with a ladder he nearly killed The Fallen Angel! I thought he killed himself. Red jumped off a ladder onto like 5 guys, it was good segment, although completely rushed.

Jeff Hardy defeated AJ Styles

Why they threw away this dream match on free tv is beyond me. Aj loses with a pinfall count by Abyss. This was a decent match, but nothing all THAT great. Hardy going over the champion makes Aj look like a crappy champ.

Post match, Abyss throws Ric Flair through the RAMP! That was cool.

Overall the show was weaker than last week. I’m tired.

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