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WWE Smackdown Live March 14, 2017 results and Review The McMahon Train

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Everyone keeps harping on this notion that Smackdown is the better show. Nope. Once again, this show felt like a lighter version of Raw, with more talking segments than I can remember, and a lot of stupid elements. They’ve got a crowd of tens of thousands of people booing Daniel Bryan, they have a part timer, if you can call him that in Shane McMahon, and you have a floundering mid card of forgettable idiots. This night on Smackdown, you had to really want to watch it, because if you didn’t, too bad, they were going to shove you into a lot of garbage. It’s hard to be positive about a show full of boredom.

WWE Smackdown Live March 14, 2017 Results

AJ Styles called out the SmackDown LIVE front office
Becky Lynch def. Natalya
John Cena & Nikki Bella will battle The Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania
Mickie James def. Alexa Bliss
AJ Styles ambushed Shane McMahon in the parking lot
Mojo Rawley def. Dolph Ziggler by Count-Out
Bray Wyatt informed Randy Orton that he possesses the power of Sister Abigail
The Usos def. American Alpha

WWE Smackdown Live March 14, 2017 Review

AJ Styles tried to call out Shane McMahon, but guess what? He wasn’t there. Daniel Bryan interrupted, and that started the show with Styles going to the ring and cutting a promo about how he needed to talk to McMahon about lost opportunities. Sound familiar? This is exactly how Raw starts each week.

Becky Lynch defeated Natalya

They keep making Natalya look like a chump. She just went through Nikki Bella, putting on some great matches with the so called Queen of Strong Style, and yet here she is, losing to Lynch? Lynch is supposed to have momentum? But yet she wins here and then gets punked out Carmella? Whatever. Good match though, not as good as the ending of last week’s tag match though. I thought Natalya should’ve done the release German suplex again if you ask me.

John Cena and Nikki Bella were on the MIZ TV Segment

This was dumb. We are going to get Miz get buried at Wrestlemania, right? I don’t want to see this at all. Miz is doing well as a company man, but he is wasted in this feud.

Mickie James defeated Alexa Bliss

Do the champions ever look strong on these shows? Bliss loses to James, the same woman that couldn’t beat Becky Lynch in a 2 out of 3 falls match, and whom gets punked out all the time. This makes no logical sense. How do you make a champion look strong if they lose all the non-title matches?

AJ Styles throws Shane through a glass car window

This segment was ok, I guess. Aj Styles has this incredible aggression now? This is going to lead to a match that I don’t want to see, you don’t want to see, and shouldn’t be on the show at all.

Mojo Rawley defeated Dolph Ziggler by count out

What the hell is this? Ziggler quits? Good riddance. He loses by count out, and Rawley is left to be hyped by himself.

Bray Wyatt and Orton did a lot of talking

This was dumb. I didn’t want to see this. Orton talked about how he was the Viper and he was a slippery snake, and Wyatt rubbed himself with dirt. Who gives a flying F?

The Usos defeated American Alpha

This should’ve stole the show. Instead, WWE decided to keep cutting away from the match to show Shane McMahon, then commercials, and the match was a boring one. The Usos won via pinfall again, beating the champions in a non-title match. American Alpha has amazing talent, but the WWE is not giving them any favors having to job out to the Usos here.

The very last moments of the show had Shane McMahon saying that Aj Styles had an opponent for Wrestlemania. It leads to them fighting, I’m sure. But remember, earlier in the show Daniel Bryan fired Aj Styles.

What a cluster of terrible elements. The wrestling was shortened, Mauro wasn’t in the booth, and this was just Raw Lite. This year’s road to Wrestlemania may be the worst in History folks, and this was terrible, if you ask me, simple as that.

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