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The Top 10 Wrestlemania Matches Up To 2017

The Top 10 Wrestlemania Matches Up To 2017
It’s Wrestlemania week! With that in mind, I wanted to drop in a Top 10 Wrestelmania matches based on my own personal viewing. I’ve been watching professional wrestling since 1986. My first ever exposures to the wrestling world was Lucha Libre AAA and CMLL with other television stuff.

Then I moved into watching WWF on Saturday and Sunday mornings with Wrestling Challenge and Superstars. That led me to renting VHS tapes and watching all the major events in that regards. I’ve also been to several Wrestlemanias.

As a kid and through my teenage years I’ve been able to be in the audience for Wrestlemania V, VII, XXI, and countless of other events. For this list, I had to whittle down my list from 15 to 10, and it wasn’t easy. These are based on my opinions only, and believe me, they aren’t all what you would expect. I’ve seen every Wrestlemania and each one coincided with different points in my life.

Here you go, the Top 10 Wrestlemania Matches up to 2017

Bad News Brown won a Battle Royal (Trophy gets beaten up by Bret Hart) (Wrestlemania IV)

We go with the first major match that I personally remember. I used to have the Wrestlemania IV VHS set that had 2 VHS tapes. If you opened up the box, it would show Hogan’s body and Andre The Giant’s body. This was an awesome match, with an alliance being formed between Bret Hart and Bad News Brown. Bad News Brown betrayed Bret Hart and he beat up the trophy, and it was awesome. This is a great battle royal, with some nice timing and a great ending.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat defeated Randy “Macho Man” Savage (Intercontinental Title) (Wrestlemania III)

I struggle with this. This match was great when I saw it the first time, but at this point, I’ve seen it 30 some odd times. This is a good match, don’t get me wrong, but is it the greatest ever? Not really. I didn’t like the ending. I didn’t like the roll up finish, but it did have a great build, and a great crowd reaction. Steamboat was better in WCW, and Macho was great here.

Bret Hart defeated Roddy Piper (Intercontinental Title) (Wrestlemania VIII)

This was such a good match. It may be Roddy Piper’s best match. These two were in their prime, and Hart really put on a show against Piper, but it wasn’t just him, Piper wrestled his greatest match. He really wanted to make sure Hart looked good, and although Piper was strong here, it was Hart that got the nod and the blood bath. You have to go back and watch this one, it’s an instant classic that holds up well today.

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Rock (WWF Title) (Wrestlemania X-Seven)

One of the greatest heel turns of all time. “Stone Cold is shaking hands with satan himself”, and I loved it. Austin got so frustrated at the end that he went into a whole new zone to beat up the Rock with a chair. This was such a great match, a great crowd, and the McMahon and Austin handshake was a moment that defines an era of wrestling. This is still the best Wrestlemania.

Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels (Retirement Match) (Wrestlemania XXVI)

The retirement match was stellar. So many near falls, so many pushes forward, Jim Ross on commentary, and Undertaker getting pushed through one hell of a match. Michaels left it all in the ring, and the crowd was on their feet for what very well may have been one of his finest hours. Michaels really did well here, and Undertaker really hung in there with Michaels through it all. I loved this one.

Shane McMahon defeated Vince McMahon (Street Fight) (Wrestlemania X-Seven)

Not a technical masterpiece. But a Street Fight of epic proportions. Love or hate Vince, he knows how to pull you in with the most evil of looks and moves. You have to watch this one again, as Shane and Vince really put the boots to each other. The two turned up to 11 and the crowd was all over. Stephanie and Trish Stratus were fighting here, Linda in a wheelchair, Foley and socko, and blood. This was a match of epic proportions, and it still holds up.

Razor Ramon defeated Shawn Michaels (Intercontinental Title Ladder Match (Wrestlemania X)

The biggest ladder match that you will ever see. This wasn’t the first ever, but it was the first at Wrestlemania. This ladder wasn’t the lightweight plastic and metal Werner ladders. This was the hardcore, heavyweight ladder. I used to work construction, some ladders are heavier than others, and these guys were using the heaviest ones. The newer ladder matches have lighter ladders.

The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan (WWF Title) (Wrestlemania VI)

When this match occurred, people were crying. I was shocked. My stomach was hurting, I was anxious, and this was an incredible night. My dad, a grown ass man shed a tear too, Hogan, the immortal Hulk Hogan lost to the Ultimate Warrior. This was an insane line up, but this match, wow. What an incredible match to consider. The Ultimate Warrior’s finest hour was found here, and the crowd was unreal.

Bret Hart defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin (Submission Match) (Wrestlemania XIII)

Perhaps the finest two of Wrestlemania, and perhaps the greatest match in the Wrestlemania history up to this point except for my number one pick. Bret Hart turned heel, the crowed went insane, Ken Shamrock was introduced, and Austin didn’t give up, he passed out. The blood here was fast. For years, I thought that Austin didn’t blade. He didn’t! Bret Hart cut him in such a fine manner. The prick happens fast, and you don’t even realize that it happens. That led to the best final shot, the push ups while in the sharpshooter, passing out, and making this one of the best matches of all time.

The Ultimate Warrior defeated Randy “Macho Man” Savage (Wrestlemania VII)

My number one pick. The number one ever is simple. The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage put on a clinic of emotion. I was in the crowd, last row in the Los Angeles Sports Arena. It was raining, and my dad took me to the show. We went nuts for this match. Then when Elizabeth came out, we were in tears, this was such a great match. The VHS tape had the edited version, I haven’t gone back to see it on the WWE Network, but this was one hell of a match. You have to go back and see this, my NUMBER ONE Wrestlemania match.

Now let’s hope that this week’s Wrestlemania goes well.

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