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WWE NXT March 8, 2017 Results and Review The Overrated Nakamura

Nakamura Is Overrated, There I Said It - Src WWE obviously
Well, here is another review. I’m watching more wrestling now than at any other time in my life. I may not be writing columns, but I sure as hell watching and reviewing all of the WWE product that is getting pushed on me. I am missing Main Event, but that’s only because I am already reviewing 4 weekly shows, and the last time I reviewed that show, it was mainly a recap show. So here we go, NXT and then possibly a review of a WCW event for the weekend, and back to the grind, right?

WWE NXT March 8, 2017 Results

Andrade Cien Almas defeated HoHo Lun
Ember Moon defeated Billie Kay
Shinsuke Nakamura defeated TJ Perkins

WWE NXT March 8, 2017 Review

This nigiht on NXT, there were only 3 matches, but there was plenty of build up for more elements. This is like Smackdown LITE if you ask me. The opening had Sanity beating up Roderick Strong, and then No Way Jose battling them with Tye Dillinger. Later the Authors of Pain beat up The Revival before a match started. Other than that, there were only 3 matches, which were hit and miss.

Andrade Cien Almas defeated HoHo Lun

HoHo Lun was a stand out for me during the CWC, and I’m glad he got a shot to be in NXT. Almas is ok, I liked when he first came out, but I can’t help but remember that Alberto Del Rio said that he’s miserable. It shows. This was a one sided affair, with Lun just getting beaten up a lot. Almas is not as good as people are saying, and he’s not as good as his debut was for me.

Ember Moon defeated Billie Kay

I finally sat down to see Ember Moon, and I can say that she has a lot of talent. She reminds me of Jackie, but at the same time, she has some timing issues. Billie Kay too, and after taking a stiff top rope rolling stunner, Kay seemed legitimately injured. This was a break neck (no pun intended) match, that resembled a car crash. For all the crap I give Asuka, these women aren’t as good. I can’t see Asuka moving to the main roster and leaving behind such terrible performers. Maybe if they tighten things up? I don’t know.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated TJ Perkins

I was kind of looking forward to watching this match. I have faith in TJ Perkins, if given the right opponent. This match had a few slow spots, and I swear Nakamura isn’t doing well with learning English, as it could be seen in this match. It was easier to pick up on when he faced Roode, but Perkins seemed to allow things to progress with ease, and Nakamura put on his standard match. There were some great timed spots, and some nice back and forth, but overall, Nakamura is just doing his same old match, evidenced by how dead the crowd was for most of it. Perkins has some upside, but not sure if being buried in NXT is going to be a good thing. This wasn’t a burial, don’t get me wrong, the match was fine, with hard kicks, great reversals, power moves, and top rope action, but a far cry from the best of either guys.

NXT is like Smackdown LITE at this point. This was a show that truly evidenced that. Next week Ohno will fight Roode for the title, and the winner will get Nakamura at Mania weekend. We’ll see how that goes. This was a fast moving show, and only 3 matches, none of which were THAT long, mind you.

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