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GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2 Results and Review

Joey Janela's Spring Break 2 (2018) GCW
So here we go, a review of the last event that I want to review for the sake of this site. GCW’s Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2 happened during the weekend of Wrestlemania 34, and it was an interesting thing to see. It was sold out, and had roughly 1500 people there. It had some great lead up, so I wanted to see a great deal of what surrounded the hype to this event. So instead of reviewing Evolve and other options, I went ahead and waited to review this today. Here we go…

GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2 Results and Review

Eli Everfly defeats DJ Z and Gringo Loco and Kyle The Beast and Teddy Hart and Tony Deppen

Not a bad opening six man tag match. There was a lot of back and forth, and some interesting noise made by the audience. I haven’t seen a lot of these guys wrestle, but it was fun to see how this all went through, I enjoyed it. This was a fun little opening, and I liked it no doubt.

Matt Riddle defeats James Ellsworth

I loved this match. It wasn’t long, but James Ellsworth had a little bit of offense on Riddle before Riddle finally gave up on trying to outsmart Ellsworth and just leveled him. Ellsworth got a few shots in, and at one point, I thought for a moment, he was going to win overall. It was an interesting solution. Riddle would win eventually, but Ellsworth put on an entertaining show with him.

PCO defeats WALTER

This was a hell of a match. It was like a brawl at one point, and PCO’s chest was completely black and blue, which was insane. Walter and PCO beat the hell out of each other, with pure respect no doubt, and I liked to see how it all went down. A good match, a good brawl, and wow, what a fascinating turn of event.

Nick Gage defeats Penta El Zero M in the GCW Title Match

Gage got a lot of boos, and people were upset that he got booked. He robbed a bank and served his time, so here he goes. Penta came out to a raucous crowd and threw down some great back and forth with Gage, but in the end Nick Gage would get the win, and the pinfall victory, in a match that wasn’t too long, and should’ve been a victory for Penta if you ask me.

David Starr defeats Mike Quackenbush

I’ve seen David Starr wrestle a handful of times, and I don’t get it. He’s ok at best, and this match wasn’t too bad. Quackenbush seemed good here, and David Starr wasn’t bad here, the two were able to go back and forth and it was fun to see the two develop a good overall match. It was a nice in between what would go down next.

The Invisible Man defeats Aero Boy and Alabama Doink and Bryan Idol and Chris Dickinson and Crazy Boy and Curt Stallion and Dan Severn and Ethan Page and Facade (w/Dani) and Grado and Joe Gacy and Kikutaro and Markus Crane and Martina and Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Mikey Whipwreck and Nate Webb and Orange Cassidy and Rickey Shane Page and Rory Gulak and Swoggle and Wheeler YUTA in the Clusterf*ck Battle Royal

I don’t know what I just saw with this match, but hey, it was entertaining. Is it just me or is Swoggle gaining some weight? The invisible man, I kid you not, won this match. I don’t know what to say about all of this.

Joey Janela (w/Penelope Ford) defeats The Great Sasuke

The main event featured Joey Janela fighting one of the legends of the ring, The Great Sasuke. The two threw down some incredible moments, including an insane ladder spot, and a huge dive with an inflatable alligator at one point. The fight was back and forth, but you could tell that Sasuke was getting tired, and Janela had to carry a few moments of the match, which wasn’t bad, mind you. The eventual winner was none other than Janela, but not without getting the bricks from the Great Sasuke.

Overall, this was a fun show to watch and I don’t have a lot of complaints. I enjoyed it. It’s an indie show, but it was fun to watch, and I enjoyed it for the most part.

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