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Impact Wrestling Redemption 2018 Results and Review

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As a wrestling fan, you know I watch a lot more wrestling than the average person. That’s the case for this week again, as I was able to catch the Impact Wrestling Redemption show. Well, here are my thoughts on the PPV that featured talent from Impact Wrestling, and Lucha Underground, oh and AAA as well. If you missed it, you may want to check it out. This show happened in Orlando Florida on April 22, 2018.

Impact Wrestling Redemption 2018 Results and Review

Aerostar defeated Drago

This was a singles match that was on half speed. The two are obviously good, but it seemed like they were miscommunicating in the ring, and it was a bit slow. Aerostar would win, but it was obvious that the two weren’t working their best match. It was a decent lucha opener with the normal spots you’d expect.

Eli Drake and Scott Steiner defeated LAX for the Impact World Tag Team Championship Titles

This was a fun match that featured a lot of Drake flying around the ring with Lax. Lax is good here, and I miss the older version of the group, but this one was good overall. When Steiner got tagged in he threw in a lot of suplexes, but got blown up fast. He was breathing heavy, but he managed to climb up to the top rope and hit a top rope Frankensteiner that blew me away, and eventually would get the big win with the help of Eli Drake. The two are now world tag team champions! A good overall match, but Steiner is looking lighter, and out of shape, or rather ring shape. Still good though, better than me on a lot of levels, so maybe I should give the guy a break.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Kiera Hogan

Kiera Hogan looks like Ember Moon, and I was stunned by her look and the Hogan name. Taya Valkyrie is hot, and I love her. I’d love to interview her. Valkyrie won, and took the boots to Hogan, really worked well and the two put on a decent back and forth match. It’s hard not to like Taya Valkyrie, she’s a good wrestler, and just appeals to me as a very attractive woman.

Matt Sydal defeated Petey Williams in the X Division Championship Match

This was an interesting back and forth match for the cruiserweight guys, and it was not too unlike what you’d expect from 205 Live. Sydal is Evan Bourne, mind you. Petey was able to throw down a lot of different offense including a Canadian Destroyer, but Bourne had the last laugh with a win here. They did well here, but it wasn’t their best work. A funny note before the match, Petey Williams was throwing down some Steiner math, when Steiner showed up and said that it’s Canadian math and it’s different. I marked out huge.

OVE defeated Eddie Edwards, Moose, and Tommy Dreamer in a House of Hardcore Match

This was your standard hardcore match with a lot of back and forth, hard hits, tables, chairs, and trash cans. OVE would win this round, but after the match Eddie Edwards snapped and tied Sami Callihan to the ropes and beat the crap out of him with a kendo stick. Callihan bladed on camera after a while, which was a dumb production move, as they didn’t cut away from it. Edwards eventually hit a woman with the kendo stick and that was the end of this. This was a cluster of a match, with lots of back and forth and some decent moves including Moose throwing himself across various plateaus and even a table with a cutter mid-way, lots of a fun.

Allie defeated Su Yung in the Impact Knockouts Championship Match

Wow, Su Yung’s character is amazing. I love her. I love the look, and love the style. She should be Sister Abigail, I’m calling it now. Allie is the cookie cuter American blonde champion, and she’s good. She reminds me a little of Madusa. After some decent back and forth, Allie would get the win, but barely escaping from Su Yung’s offense. I love her, did I mention that? Great back and forth and style from Su Yung and Allie did well too, throwing in some clever action for a decent victory.

Pentagon Jr. defeated Austin Aries, and Fenix for the Impact World Championship

This was not a great match, mind you. It was a lot like the match that they had in New Orleans during Mania weekend, but it was a good one to watch none the less. I did like Pentagon Jr and Fenix throwing down some great action against Aries, and was impressed with Aries as usual. Pentagon, however, wow, he’s ready for the top spot in nearly any company and WWE is stupid for not pushing him and the Demon, as the two would be killers together. Obviously, he’s not in that fed, but this was fun to watch, and the win cements him as a big time player, it was great to see overall. I loved it.

Overall, Impact Wrestling’s Redemption PPV was a good watch. I had fun, I didn’t hate any of it, and I’m curious to see how they follow this up. I won’t be watching Impact on a weekly basis, or maybe I will, I don’t know, but this was a great night of wrestling for them. I want to see how they can continue this momentum.

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