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WWE Smackdown Live April 24, 2018 Results and Review Heel Foreigner Reigns

Knee To Face Deux - SRC WWE 
I didn’t realize that WWE Smackdown was live in Louisville! That’s near where I live, and had I known, I would have gone down there. Sadly, I was not there, I was at home watching this overall. Anyways, here we go, smackdown Live was going on, but guess what? There’s not many of my favorites, including your favorites, such as Tye Dillinger. Anyway, here we go, Smackdown Live where the foreign heels get big time shots at the gold.

WWE Smackdown Live April 24, 2018 Results and Review

Miz TV started the show, and I figured Daniel Bryan was going to come down, but instead it was Big Cass. He cut a promo and sized up Miz, then sized up Daniel Bryan, and we go forward with the show. Not a great opening, and what happens in the back is interesting, as Bryan is laid out and holding his shoulder. Already injured? Lame.

The Iiconics defeated Asuka and Becky Lynch

I know that it’s not “woke” to talk about the body’s of women performers, but The Iiconics have breast implants and it’s painfully obvious that they have been enhanced. I think they are beautiful regardless. Either way, you’ll find that the match was serviceable, and had a good back and forth feel. It was fast paced, had some nice pushes, and you’ll find that Asuka is not the unbeatable woman any longer, as she once again loses on television. The Iiconics work very well together, and outsmarted the duo of Lynch and Asuka, which I appreciated overall.

Jimmy Uso defeated Rowan

This was a short, fast match. The Uso’s were able to use Naomi to help distract, and a superkick to the side of the head claimed a serious blow to the Bludgeon Brothers and we ended up seeing Rowan drop a match to Jimmy Uso. Not a bad match, not a great one either.

Carmella and Charlotte Flair Signed a Contract for WWE Backlash

This was boring. I was bored with it.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Randy Orton

This was a fast paced, good overall match, and it was great to see Orton go beyond just “work mode” and do well with Shelton. Shelton is a pure athlete and can go very well with just about any worker if you ask me. In this match the two were able to put together a fast paced, good match, even though one of the Singh brothers interfered with a mask on! Classic! Jeff Hardy was watching on the sidelines. Good match for what it was worth.

Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev, and Aiden English defeated Aj Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows

This was a good match with a lot of back and forth between the players. I didn’t dislike anything here, although it was a little short. Aiden English and Rusev felt like jobbers, and Nakamura was the star here. Anderson, Gallows, and Styles worked well together, but eventually succumb to the chaos of the ring and would get a loss due to Nakamura.

After the match, Nakamura got jumped, but recovered, and was going to take out Styles but Ken Anderson got in the way, and he got killed with two knees to the head. That was the end of the show, and we got the finish for Smackdown.

Overall, a good show, but there was a lot missing. There was so much missing that I wonder why this show isn’t 3 hours. I’m serious, there’s a lot of missing talent for this show, and the matches were cut short etc.

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