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WWE The Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 Results and Review

Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 Results and Review - SRC wwe 
The opening of the show was definitely interesting, with a kick off panel of all men, and then we got into the crowd filing in, and I was absolutely stunned. This is a huge stadium, and there’s a ton of people in the crowd, and it truly was epic to see Saudi Arabia’s support for the WWE. WE started with the national anthems of both Saudi Arabia and The United States before the event took place. No singers, just the sound, and that was it. We went live at noon, and well, I don’t usually do this, but this review is being written as I watch the show! That’s right, going back to the old school.

WWE The Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 Results and Review

The crowd was electric to start, and the WWE spent a lot of money on pyro. This felt far more like Wrestlemania than anything else. The crowd was going nuts, and I loved it, this was a great crowd, and truly something interesting to see.

John Cena defeated Triple H

I wasn’t sure who was going to go over on this one, but it was interesting to see the two work a different style. They started a little slower than usual, and the crowd was all over this one. After some methodically placed fighting, Triple H couldn’t get Cena down for the 3 count, and eventually lost to three Attitude Adjustments across several points in the match. This was a fun little match, with Cena winning and that’s it. The crowd was all Cena at times, and Triple H had fans too, it was fun. The crowd was all in with this, and I was too. Fun match, and it was definitely a good opener.

Cedric Alexander defeated Kalisto in the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

This was a great back and forth match with Kalisto throwing out everything he had. The two went back and forth with relative ease, and there was a lot of attention to the speed and frequency of the match. Alexander was able to retain, but not without a heavy duty fight with Kalisto hitting some of his greatest hits, including a variation of the Spanish Fly that I haven’t seen in WWE, with a spring board effect. That was quite good. The Lumbar Check was hit, and Kalisto would lose to the champ, and that was it. This had a good flow to it, but they weren’t as over as the previous guys, obviously. A good match none the less.

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy defeated The Bar in the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Wow, well, that was something else. The guys were working in half-speed if you ask me. The Bar was able to throw in a lot of attacks, but Wyatt and Hardy were quick to counter the fight left and right, and it was interesting to see them work together. Hardy and Wyatt worked very well here, while The Bar was missing their offense and getting things reversed at times. It’s interesting to see how many of the moves were reversed or missed, and of course that led to Wyatt and Hardy getting the big win, and that’s that. Not my favorite match, but not a terrible one either. It was a good television match at best.

Jeff Hardy defeated Jinder Mahal in the United States Championship Match

This was an interesting match with a lot of upside to it. Hardy was able to get the upper hand after Jinder Mahal was throwing lefts and rights, and even a distraction from one of the Singh brothers. While this was a decent match, it wasn’t great, and the fans were way into Hardy over Mahal. While I didn’t think it was stellar, there was enough here to make it worth checking out. Hardy is always fun to watch, and Jinder has finally been hindered. Hardy wins, Mahal goes down, it’s that simple.

The Bludgeon Brothers defeated The Usos in the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Well, I didn’t expect the ending that we got here. The Usos didn’t go down without a big fight, though, although the match wasn’t that long. The Usos were just not powerful enough to get the win here, and the bigger men took everything that the Usos had and still couldn’t get the job done. The Bludgeon Brothers took them down with high power, and constant moves forward, which was a nice touch. The big guys win, the Usos go down, and that’s that. An ok match, but nothing too stellar, and now it’s time for a bathroom break if you ask me.

Seth Rollins defeated Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, and The Miz

Well, well, this was a hard hitting match with a lot of bruises being left on the guys. Finn was busted wide open, Rollins had his ribs nearly smashed in, Joe had his head smacked hard on the ladders, the Miz took some major shots on the back and face, and it was a hard hitting affair. This was back and forth, with lots of great overall flurries, and in the end, it was Seth Rollins that got the big win with cat like reflexes, and that was fun. Rollins got a huge reaction too, and it was fun to see him win this one.

The WWE introduced 4 new athletes from Saudi Arabia, and they were getting cheered. But out came the Daivari Brothers to immense heat!

The recruits bonded together and beat up the Daivari brothers to a lot of cheers and great reaction. This was a cool little segment, and the Saudi Arabian new recruits got a lot of praise from the crowd, and it was fun to see.

Aj Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura ended in a double countout in the WWE Championship Match

I don’t know what is wrong with these two, but they lack the chemistry that they did in NJPW. This match wasn’t that great, and I was actually kind of bored through the match. I didn’t really have a lot of reason to like this, as the two seemed to be working at half speed at times, and the logic was thrown out the window at times. It was slow, and methodical, but without any real passion for me. I ended up nearly falling to sleep, but out of the blue a low blow, and some fighting outside caused a double count out and the match was over. I guess that’s a good thing. Overall, not a terrible match, but definitely far from great, and a double countout? Ok, I’ll take it.

The Undertaker defeated Rusev with Aiden English in a Casket Match

Well, well, The Undertaker got a huge ovation, but he was looking old, and tired. The Undertaker allowed for a little more of a match than Wrestlemania, but it was obvious that he isn’t the same guy, as the past. He was able to take on Rusev and drop Aiden English and Rusev into the casket and that was that. A slow moving match with the ending that featured the end of English and Rusev. This was not a fun match, it was slow, but it featured a good performance overall from Taker, given his limitations, and well, it made the crowd feel happy, and that’s ok with me. I hope he retires.

Brock Lesnar defeated Roman Reigns in a steel cage match for the WWE Universal Championship

The match was overall the same as you’d expect with other matches that these guys have had. I didn’t expect the final moments, and that was shocking overall. Over the course of the match, there were a lot of F5’s a lot of Spears and Superman punches and it was insane, Roman took a serious beating. But here’s the thing, the match ended when Roman speared Lesnar through the cage and onto the floor! It was a stellar bump, no doubt, and Lesnar got hit hard, and it looked like it hurt overall, including Lesnar looking like he got the wind knocked out of him or at least knocked out, with Roman looking like he pulled his shoulder too, and that was that. Lesnar hit the ground first, which meant that Lesnar is still the champion. I don’t like the finish, I don’t like Lesnar, but wow, that was a brutal finish.

Braun Strowman Won The Greatest Battle Royal

What was one of the longest Royal Rumble Matches, we got to see a huge event pull through 50 guys, and some missing of course. There was fire works, there were 50 super stars and so much more. This was an interesting match for sure, and lots of stories could have been told, but the biggest ones were with Daniel Bryan, Braun Strowman, Elias, and others. Daniel Bryan was nearly at the end, he was in the final 3, and it was all over when Braun Strowman took out Big Cass, right after Cass eliminated Daniel Bryan. Bryan’s chest was blistered and just awful, which was interesting overall. Shane got through threw a table, and well, the whole night was fun, but of course Braun Strowman would win big here.

At the end of the day, I had a good time with this, but probably because I was working at the same time. It was a fun romp, but nothing that I would want to do annually. Some may think it was a glorified house show. I thought it was fun, and well worth the hype. I would give it a B rating, just because it was fun, and that’s it. There were some dry spots, no doubt, but overall, this is a lot of action and a lot of WWE overall. I didn’t hate it, I want to express that clearly. It wasn’t as good as Mania, but hey, it was a fun romp none the less.

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