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Ring of Honor Card of SuperCard of Honor April 7, 2018 Results and Review

Supercard of Honor XII 
There were 11 matches that went down in New Orleans for Ring of Honor’s biggest of event of the year. There were 6,000 people in attendance, and it was quite the thrilling crowd and truly sold out. While NXT was going on, this was going on, so you know a lot of wrestling was going on. This had a lot of stories going into it, and I finally was able to see it all.

Ring of Honor SuperCard of Honor 2018 Results and Review

Kelly Klein defeated Mayu Iwatani (Women of Honor Tournament)

This wasn’t too bad, 9 minutes, and standard back and forth wrestling. I didn’t know either women, but it was good to see another set of women wrestling besides WWE.

Sumie Sakai defeated Tenille Dashwood (Women of Honor Tournament)

This was really good, and Sumie Sakai was excellent here. I was impressed by her and Tenille’s match, as the two were able to put together a good back and forth match with an interesting finish. I liked this one.

Chuckie T. defeated Jonathan Gresham

I wasn’t aware of who these guys were, so when it all went down, I didn’t really know what to expect. This was a standard opener, nothing too crazy, and it worked well enough.

Punishment Martinez defeated Tomohiro Ishii

I did not expect Ishii to go down here, but Punishment Martinez appears to be the latino version of Baron Corbin which is kind of interesting. I liked this option. A good back and forth fight, with lots of hard hits and interesting break downs. Good match for only around 8 minutes or so of action.

Kota Ibushi defeated Hangman Page

Ibushi is great here, and Page was able to throw down with him, but I knew it wasn’t Page’s day, and he lost after getting rocked back and forth by Ibushi’s offense. There was a moment where I thought Hangman Page was getting a win, but Ibushi fought back for a good win.

Sumie Sukai defeated Kelly Klein to win the Women of Honor Championship

I was impressed with this one. Wow! Sukai is amazing, and she pulled out one hell of a match with a lot of back and forth. Klein was good too, and she threw down a great deal of offense but Sukai was dropping some incredible moves, and the timing was just there for a 7 minute match, I loved it.

SoCal Uncensored defeated Flip Gordon and The Young Bucks for the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship

This was not half bad. Was it as good as some of the other matches? Nope. This was adequate. It had all of the spots that you would expect from the Bucks and the guys in SoCal Uncensored. I loved it, no doubt, and the 25 minute match was great, but it seemed like I’ve seen this before, and the Bucks just wrestled another match that they’ve done in the past. It was entertaining, just didn’t seem to mean as much.

The Briscoes defeated Jay Lethal and Hiroshi Tanahashi for the World Tag Team Championship

This was a fast paced, quick match and it showed. The Briscoes were on fire tonight and they worked way better than the Japanese team. Jay Lethal is good, and Tanahashi is great too, but the 20 minute match was mostly Briscoes showcasing why they are the most important teams not in WWE right now. I loved the match, it had everything that you could want from a tag team match.

Silas Young defeated Kenny King in a Last Man Standing Match

I didn’t know who these guys were, but wow, the two were able to throw a good match together and a hard hitting one. King would lose this one, and wow, good for Silas Young as he truly put the boots to King, although, the ending was a bit funny if you saw it.

Cody defeated Kenny Omega

Nearly 40 minutes of action, and a lot of back and forth. Kenny Omega was great. Kenny Omega threw down a great deal of offense, and even knocked out the bear that Cody brought. Cody delivered on all ends as being the ultimate bad guy here, and in the end, after a ref bump, after Brandi went through a table at ring side, Omega got a couple of superkick in the face and Cody pinned him. Cody won! This was an emotional ride, and Cody won big.

Dalton Castle defeated Marty Scurll in the ROH World Championship Match

I was shocked by the fact that Marty Scurll didn’t win. Dalton Castle won after a lot of back and forth wrestling, and Scurll taking out all of the possible weapons that nearly killed Ospreay in NJPW. I loved this match’s theme, I just didn’t like that Castle won. I’ve seen a few matches with Dalton Castle, and honestly, I don’t get why he’s champion, Scurll made him look silly at various times. I loved Scurll here, and he should’ve won.

Overall, this was a long show, but it felt good to see something other than WWE, and therefore I liked it. I liked about 4 matches overall, and the rest was filler to me. It was still good, mind you, but not nearly as good as NXT.

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