Thursday, April 26, 2018

WWE NXT April 25, 2018 Results and Review The Best of The Best

Ciampa Stands Tall - SRC WWE 
I don’t usually cover NXT but since I’ve been on a new tear for this blog, I decided to give it a shot, and well, I am delighted about what has gone down last night with the throwdown of NXT. Let’s discuss the quick show that had a lot of action, and was well paced overall.

WWE NXT April 25, 2018 Results and Review The Best of The Best

The Undisputed Era came out and cut a promo about how cool they are and that they are going to run rough shot over NXT for good. This was a good little segment, but I never liked a lot of talking with my wrestling, but that’s the norm these days, I guess.

Adam Cole defeated Oney Lorcan in the NXT North American Championship Match

This was a stellar affair, although quick. Lorcan really connects fast and hard with the moves he has, and is a slippery fellow. Adam Cole didn’t have much of an answer to him for a few spots, and he was selling a rib injury, but with the help of his cronies, he was able to pick up the big win. If it wasn’t for them attacking Lorcan while the ref was turned, this would’ve turned out a lot differently.

Heavy Machinery defeated Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli

This was an interesting little match, as it featured Heavy Machinery throwing their weight around, no joke. They eventually would get the win as Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli are going their separate ways, as one refused to tag in, and left the other for dead.

Johnny Gargano was stretchered out of Full Sail after Tommaso Ciampa attacked

Ciampa attacked Gargano with a serious frenetic pace that was nothing short of insane. It was a killer beat down that goes down deep into the ages of the world of wrestling. It was a nice intense fight and at the end of the day Ciampa got the last laugh by throwing Gargano down a table with a finisher that looked just as brutal as ever.

Aleister Black defeated Eric Young

Since the title match didn’t happen, Eric Young and Sanity came down the ramp and challenged Black and he accepted. This was a good overall television match with lots of back and forth action, and some stellar offense and defense from both men. Black was able to control some of the match, but not all of it, with a great deal of maneuvering overall. Young was able to fly through the air, and got a little help from Sanity, but it wasn’t enough because Black Mass hit and Young was thrown down as he is now going to Smackdown with his crew.

Overall, the night of wrestling felt crisp, and within only 1 hour, I was fully vested into the happenings that are going on with WWE NXT, that’s for certain.

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