Thursday, August 30, 2007

Everyone's Fired...Ok...Suspended

So who are these superstars? The list will make your jaw drop. For dramatic effect, I will start small, and end large.

* Mike "Simon Dean" Bucci, Currently a WWE office worker.
* Gregory Helms, Not currently wrestling.
* Edge, Not currently wrestling.
* Charlie Haas, here we start to get bigger. Just wait for the next name.
* Santino Marella, no big deal, but wait for this next one.
* William Regal, wait for it.
* King Booker, not that we enjoyed him, it is still a big blow.
* Chavo Guerrero, this is intersting.
* John Morrison, crap.
* Mr. Kennedy, just a week or so after saying the wellness program made him go off steroids. To be fair, I haven't read that they have been suspended for steroid use, just getting internet prescriptions.
* Randy Orton, are you serious?

Source - WWE GEEK (you're awesome!)

AMAZING! Did you see the names up there? These are the stars that were suspended. Those are not small names, least C.M. Punk wasn't there because we could totally call him a hypocrite for being "straightedge" and using drugs.

I think it's shocking, who is left? The shows are going to suck now....or are they?

I didn't really like anyone but Kennedy.

or do I?

Since when is WWE a sport anyways? I don't care. Let them take whatever!

Seriously, the 80's were great, I didn't care if they were on drugs. They get compensated HUGE.

Or maybe I'm just off base. It's hilarious to see...that's all.

ANd then

ESPN added three other names Dave Bautista Shoichi Funaki Chris Mordetzky aka Chris Masters

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